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    Derek I doubt you will see a dropoff, you have a great sight that I am sure you will continue to get a lot of support on. handspring's site is nice in the fact that you can find a lot of web resources, but with your site you're able to get ringtones, software, links, and who knows what else you will add. I think some of these people on the forums have too much time on their hands. Let the moderators be the police on here if they think something is inappropriate.
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    Originally posted by bmacfarland
    If the app was available for sale elsewhere I could see the argument that it's warez. The fact that it was included in the Treo 600 emulator tells me that it should be an included application. I don't think the choice of network GSM vs. CDMA should impact the software available on the machine. In effect, they are handicapping the device in an effort to sell extra software (Sprint's BC). That may be legal, but it's just not right.
    Well, technically it IS for sale (as part of the GSM Treo 600). Since the CDMA version does not include the software, your license to use the software does not apply to the Sprint Treo 600. You don't own the software simply because you obtained it for no money through the emulator or through a third-party. PalmOne (Handspring) retains ownership of the software. If they didn't license you to use it on a Sprint Treo 600, then technically you are breaking the law if you obtain, install, and use it on a Sprint Treo 600.

    The choice of carrier is at the heart of the matter. Sprint and Handspring have established contracts with each other concerning the software that will be included with the product. I agree that Sprint's restrictions on what can be included are a handicap. It's not "nice", but they aren't in business to be nice. They're in business to make money.

    With that said, Handspring does have the legal right to restrict the distribution of the e-mail client for the purpose of protecting the interests of its partner Sprint. It's doubtful that they will do anything to prevent people from using the e-mail client (after the sale), but they will certainly not violate the agreement that they have with Sprint and include the e-mail client on the Sprint version. They can't be blamed for that.
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    Originally posted by purpleZ
    It's nice to see you removed the stolen email application from your site. Are you still getting a lot of hits now that it's gone?
    I hate this forum now becaue of people like you.

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    Who says that they have an agreement? Maybe Sprint just requested that it be taken out, but does not neccessarily care if people use it or not. No one here really knows what the exact nature of the partnership is between Sprint and Handspring really, so I think it's kind of narrow minded to be arguing something that doesn't have facts to back that up. Regardless, I personally could care less about the e-mail client. I use Sprint Business Connect and if I weren't then I'd be using SnapperMail. Everyone's doing cartwheels over an e-mail client. The only reason I can see wanting this is the integration that Handspring could bring with their own software, but I don't think most of the included software is all that great. I use Datebook5 b/c Datebook+ is inadequate. I've never used the GSM mail client, but I suspect I probably wouldn't because it's though it's functional, it's not the rock and roll of e-mail clients. Those who want to beg, borrow or steal a builtin e-mail client can decide for themselves how they feel about that without some worthless troll giving morality lessons on the right and wrongs of what he or she *thinks* should happen based upon what he or she *thinks* the facts are.
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    Originally posted by purpleZ
    BUY ONE.
    Gimmick account + troll = asshat.
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    Originally posted by chrisfoster
    Piracy is a evil, made up word to scare people into conforming to artificial standards of ownership. All software should be Free! (as in freedom, not as in beer)
    All software should be free? It's one thing to try to convince people to give their software for free and completely another to steal people's intellectual property that they did not choose to make freely available. The idea of entitlement to free software is preposterous!! Otherwise, people should be entitled to get free labor from whomever they choose.
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    Originally posted by silverado

    Also, your ***** is hanging out -- you might want to zip that up.
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    Originally posted by chrisfoster
    Piracy is a evil, made up word to scare people into conforming to artificial standards of ownership. All software should be Free! (as in freedom, not as in beer)
    Yeah, well the problem with that logic is that software doesn't just drop out of thin air, it's written by human beings with marketable skills. So the question is, should developers work for free? Would you work for free? Would you give away a fabulous original idea, and allow others to copy your work? Piracy may not be evil, but expecting skilled workers to give away the fruit of their labor just so you can get something for nothing is.
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    Warez (or anything else illegal for that matter) is not allowed on TC/VC. Period...

    Feel free to discuss the principles of freeware vs warez in the off topic section.
    Warez requests and/or links to warez will not be allowed here for the obvious reasons...
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