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    Originally posted by Doug Hillman

    Wait. Are you all teenaged girls? That might explain it.
    Please treat others like you would like to be threated yourself and show some respect.

    Ok, you dont care, fine, but please respect other people's grief..

    Personally I never heard of him either, but I bet I must have heard his song (at least the ones in good will hunting)
    It is a sad thing if somebody who gives joy to others passes away... Also it is sad if a person only sees a way out by killing themselfs...
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    You can watch Miss Misery here .

    I hadn't heard of him either. I watched the video and saw Good Will Hunting, and I still don't know who he was.
    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    sigh. I'm with ya. No real words. or rather, no words that this discussion board won't automatically censor.
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