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    Well, I'm still a bit of a novice at a lot of MP3 related stuff, but I quickly found out that I can't download music from iTunes (the new Windows version) or MusicMatch and copy them directly to my Treo600; the former is (I think) MP4, and the latter is WMA, and the Treo600 (Pocket Tunes, at least) doesn't appear to be set up for either. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think it is just mp3 at this point, right?

    Having said that, here are three questions:
    1. Are there any suggestions folks have for legally downloading songs in a format other than mp3 and transferring them to the Treo 600 for playback?
    2. Where is the best mp3 site nowadays for legal downloading and purchase?
    3. Is there a music playback program other than pocket tunes that people have tried?

    Thanks...had the Treo 600 just a few days now and am amazed at how much better it is than the 300, which I really liked, too. What a great invention...sure, a few quirks here and there but terrific so far!
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    google is your friend. There are plenty of artists sites. Major newspaper and music magazine sites also offers download.

    but chance are if you have to ask, you won't know what music to look for. So go borrow your friends disc and rip.
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    I used iTunes. You are correct that the songs you buy are MP4 files (technically AAC), so what I do is burn them to a CD, and then rip MP3 files off the CD. There may be an easier way, but that works for me. I like to make CD copies of my purchased songs anyway just in case.
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    I used total recorder & recorded some of my music into Ogg-vorbis format ... worked great w/pocket tunes. So I guess mp3 isn't the only game in town...

    btw, I like Rhapsody's model 100x better than itunes!! I think it's more ground-breaking in the long run....if the record execs allow it to survive....
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    check out

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