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    calling on all you red sox fans. its top of the 11th. yanks 5. red sox 5.

    vote in bosox on pcs vision poll to meet the marlins on saturday.

    we need all the positive energy we can summon.

    help bosox could break the infamous curse of the bambino if they win the 2003 world series.

    vote bosox best match for marlins. this may be a total practice in fultility, but trying everything we can do to help our sox win for their first time nearly an entire century.

    help us win it!!!!

    web - handspring page. - sports poll..... sox... lets do it !!!!!


    the bostom bleeding hearts club
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    i guess we`ll cry for our poor sox for yet another century fans.. i cant believe no matter how well they play, we just cant take one home. still love you guys, sox. never give up. im crying my eyes out.. game over .. yankees win.

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    go yankees. sorry, dude.
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    thank you for sox tickets ads!!! so close ... god... yet again.. so disturbingly close.

    here`s to loyalty and faith in our boys! good game yanks! take it to the marlins... win it all

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    at this point I could careless. but we all know the best match up would have been sox and cubs, but hats off to marlins and yankees.
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    yeah, i`ve lost any real gusto for anyone who will win the series now. ok if the yanks win ... great... what will that be? their 27th championship? great team,, amazing in the clutch..some intangible ability to overcome anything. no doubt... but after all their years of dominance, it's like.. so what else is new?

    just would have been nice to see another team`s dreams come true.... for the first time in 100 years. oh well,, its just a game, but what a stomach-turning loss. ok, back to the treo 600.... cheers!!!
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    UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHH...what absolute Garbage...

    I'm sorry, I think I could have stomached that better if the homer had come from Giambi to win...but Boone? WTF? with a Post-season ave of .167 and 0 RBI or HR, comes in to hit a homer on the first pitch bottom of 11. UGGGGGG....

    Filthy Yanks...

    I can't even cheer for them against the Marlins...I hope the Marlins win in 4 straight.

    Yawn...the yanks in another WSeries...I doubt I will even watch...
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    my mouth dropped open and stayed open in a fit of total, utter shock.

    ahead 5 - 2! with pedro! how does a yanks win occur without the hand of god interfering here!?

    totally agree.... i tried rooting them on in good sportsmanship but i have to tell ya i am just too bitter!

    this is such a painful loss its almost impossible to stomach.. period! someone call a priest... to bestow a blessing or excommunicate whatever demon follows this poor team around,

    because watching this happen to them makes me feel like i did when i saw mel gibson`s gruesome death in braveheart at the end of the movie. "do you confess..... " all we want for them is a one damn championship!! yanks have 26 already... is that too much to ask? im going to have to go jog 10 miles a day for 2 weeks to be able to run this frustration off. damn!

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