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    Wicked Annoying Thing To Do!
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    Originally posted by WeeBitObsessed
    Wicked Annoying Thing To Do!
    Whoever Just did.. you.... are the [expletive removed] to whom i was refferring!


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    I sure it will be "fixed" soon enough.
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    Originally posted by IanL
    I sure it will be "fixed" soon enough.

    It has to be one of these people, since i created this thread and the moment that it was voted on these were the only users who were logged in:

    alanfujii, alex_t_king, ar-cain, BayAreaTreo, bclinger, conflagrare, copernicus, Coyote, CyrilW, DelMelo, dhl, dre, drknucklehead, drw, gene, gfunkmagic, IanL, isayx3, jerw99, jlux, jngai, Ken505, leobag, metsfan, MHR, mlwilliams, MrH, mwelp, netnut2004, purpleX, ravi, rbrar, Rubik, scrinch, selicade, silverado, treeo, Treobuddy, TreoDaddeo6, VanNuysBear, WeeBitObsessed, X-MAN
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    Yeah, I admit it. It was me, that's why I reported it to the moderators. I'm staaaaaarved for attention waiting for my Treo to get here tomorrow.

    (just kidding, it's not me.)

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    You can set your prefs to not show up in that list of people logged in.
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    Voted 1.
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    It was that Cubs fan...I know it!

    Eh, just sore that they lost last night. Ho hum. I actually feel quite bad for the guy.
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    Who cares?

    Since I have been here I have never rated a thread, read a thread because it had all starts or ignored one tha had none.

    What is the purpose of this rating systme anyway.

    Gimie back my dot and take this "feature" away.
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