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    Don't think I have ever actually posted on treocentral, only back when it was visor central. But the Treo 600 looks enticing. Even though Handspring killed the Springboard I knew they would make a good strong comeback. Got a few questions. Any way to change my username for one? Also does anybody know if the 600 will support IMAP and multiple e-mail accounts?

    Thanks and glad to be back. Hopefully will see some old faces.
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    FYI - Some (shared) forums appear on both treocentral and visorcentral (they are still two distinct websites), there are a few "common" forums shared between them.. your posting for example, is also on visorcentral (where I saw it and am now responding to it..), so technically you have posted to visorcentral (and treocentral too)..

    Go to under the forums and you will see what I am talking about, you will also see this message thread there too!
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    First of all, Welcome back! Actually, I'm one of those nouveau users that only joined once treocentral was it would probably make more sense to say, "nice to meet you'!

    Anyway, as to regards to your Treo question. Yes, there are several email clients that support IMAP and multiple accounts. Here's just a short list of some of them:

    Versamail 2.5
    2BA Mail
    iambic Mail
    Gopher King
    Corsoft Aileron

    If you don't need IMAP, snappermail is by far the best app out there IMO...
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    Yeah, I was here through the start of Treocentral, altough it is progressed A LOT. Glad to see miradu still around and writing. Hopefully once the 600 comes out I will be around more and dtich my Clie. Thanks for the answers and nice to meet you too gfunkmagic, I will take a look into those programs further.

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