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    Did you notice that each time Ms. purpleX submits a post, the discussion becomes ugly?

    This Troll does not even own a Treo or Palm OS device.

    This is the same type of Troll that would go to a Mac Forum and argue with anyone in favor of Windows Format.

    Like I said before, it's a waste of time to argue with this fcrap.
  2. purpleX
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    -you mean there are other smartphones with bigger screen but come with smaller battery and has better talk time and uptime?
    -You mean other form of input is also practical even preferable?
    -you mean we can't Bash PPC and say treo 600 is better in every aspect and call it the truth?
    -You mean BT is usefull, and WiFi is even possible in a phone?
    -You mean $500 is not cheap?
    -replacable battery is impossible in a phone.
    -what do you mean POS is not simple or has the better applications.
    -who needs multimedia or gaming, whadya mean Voice dial or Fax are pretty usefull.

    whoever say treo 600 is not the best phone in the world and Bill gates is evil will burn in hell. Now chant after me, treo is the greatest, thumboard will lead your way...ding...ding...

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    Did you ever notice, how that discussion only become ugly when others respond to the flamer? This thread has no future. Closed.

    Please, please, think before you post. If it's not on topic, or a reply to a flame, or a snide comment whatever, just don't post it.
    -Michael Ducker
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