I just wanted to let everyone know about some changes going on in my life.

I love the treo, but I'm equally in love with my sony ericsson t68i. (I use the treo on weekdays, and the t68i on weekends). TreoCentral is great because I can post anything treo related, and it keeps me connected with this great set of people. But TreoCentral doesn't offer me the ability to do any non Treo things, and I am looking for some more flexibility.

I have built, and am now launching tonight http://www.tritooth.com . It is an all inclusive site about anything bluetooth - news, reviews, and discussion. There are still things missing from the site (Advertising system ), but I think it is ready to go. Please feel free if you are interested to become a member, and start discussions. I am not sure the forum folder layout yet... I think that will be decided as I find out what people want to talk about. The site is fast loading, pure CSS and HTML. Without any changes, it's readable on the treo.

I do not think that this will affect my work on treocentral.com. I will continue to post here, and write reviews. We might even do some content sharing where appropriate. I have the GPS unit arriving monday, and will have a review up within a few weeks than. One of these days I will post my review of the PDA Panache telescoping stylus. I am really excited for the launch of the new Treo, and I can gaurentee that we will have excellent coverage when that happens. If you are interested for writing for treocentral, contact marcus.

Thank You for being active members of TreoCentral.com.