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    i have a question. i purchased a treo 270 cell phone/pda from compUSA with their TAP (technology assurance plan) 1 year warranty. the sales rep at the time assured i was covered for everything. anyway, my treo is acting up and reseting periodically, but i can live with that. but what i cannot handle is now, after about 6 months of use, the battery dies in about 30 minutes of talk time and no longer lasts through the day on standby. perhaps, as a result, the sound quality is getting muffled.

    i want to exchange this for a new treo or perhaps the t-mobile pocket phone pc instead, which seems to have gotten decent reviews.

    does anyone with experience with compusa's warranties, think i should have a problem?
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    Don't you have the terms and conditions of the warranty? It would seem more productive to read them and go to CompUSA instead of waiting and asking us.

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    CompUSA sells 2 types of warranties..

    A. Replace item one time, except for batteries since those are considered consumable.

    B. Service electronic parts. NO SCREEN COVERAGE

    Item A will be considerably more expensive 150 to 200 if you spent $600 on the phone. Item B will be around $50 or so but no screen. Either way, they dont cover batteries.

    You can also call Handspring, but don't mention the battery. Talk about the sound quality. They will have you do a hard reset. You can save a bit of time by doing one and seeing if its the phone or the software.

    I love TC Ringer, but my phone works like crap when its running. I deleted it and I have had 1 lockup in the last 1,472 calls vs 1 per week with it installed.

    If your plan entitles you to replacement. Fine. Just don't talk about the battery.

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    many thanks for the insight!!

    i shall contact them.

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