View Poll Results: Will they find WMD in Iraq

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  • Yes, left there by the Saddam gov.

    12 42.86%
  • Yes, 'planted' by US gov.

    4 14.29%
  • No

    8 28.57%
  • Don't know/ not sure

    4 14.29%
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    I have to agree with Toby on this one (actually both parts).

    Also don't forget that SA is actually worse off now than it was before in many ways. I wouldn't use that country as a poster child for pacifism, esp. with what we now know about Winnie Mandela.

    A case could be to made that the Civil Rights movement didn't actually get what it wanted with pacifism either, it took armed national troops to force the issue.

    At this point we really have to start over with the UN. When Libya and Cuba are both members of the Human Rights Council at the UN, you really have to wonder if the inmates are running the jail.
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    I was just browsing through off topics history and found this one..

    Made me chuckle about how wrong I was when I typed the title of it...

    Cant believe its been 3 years allready
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