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    Semi-lock down here. I can't work from home, but seem busy anyway sorting things out with colleagues. Not so much panic buying now; queues with 2 metre spacing .

    I'm secretly hoping that things slow down enough for me to start one of those creative projects that many others seem to be doing. Could this be when I finally learn how to make a webOS app? Probably not!

    I was wondering if this might be a boost for LuneOS and the related projects (maybe not hardware for now!). Too soon to tell.

    How are you doing? I hope you are safe and well.
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    Wa. State here ... Original US epicenter. We are about half way through a three week lockdown. It started with an order not to gather in public places, and everything was supposed to close, but the young people were deliberately and blatantly violating that order, so the governor had to lay down the law ... Now it's a stay inside order, and the National Guard is on the way to our city streets to enforce it.

    Apr. 7th ... Our original 3 week lockdown ended yesterday, but got extended to May 4th, another 4 weeks ... and I'm out of rum.

    Apr. 22nd ... Day 37 here, and they've already told us that the May 4th end date will be extended, so no end in sight.

    May 1st ... Day 46, we were just told that the stay inside order is being extended to May 31st, with a plan to gradually reopen, but a warning that it could go on even longer. I'm fine, but many people are becoming impatient.

    May 8th ... Day 54, a four phase gradual reopening plan began three days ago on Tuesday, as of this morning, it's legal to hunt and fish again. That's right, you heard me correctly, just like in "The Hunger Games", it was illegal to go out into wilderness and get your own food, even though the main reason most people go hunting and fishing is "social isolation".

    June 1st ... Our stay inside lock down order ended today, essentially sending us back to the original order of no large public gatherings, and only essential services being open. We're allowed to go out again, but there's no where to go. As a side note, our entire country is in turmoil due to the "protests" (riots) over Minneapolis police killing a man in custody. Let me just say, breaking the window of a large department store, stealing a TV, and then setting the place on fire, is not a protest. Also, the "protestors" blatantly ignoring virus precautions, has likely erased all of the progress we've made in fighting the virus.

    Like my Pre 3 ... I'm still alive.
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    Hello everyone, I trust you are free of this virus that now strikes the entire planet, here where I am, people come out as if nothing, even if the government says do not go out, I wonder if there is any guide to install Luna Os on my touchpad . Being closed this would help me with entertainment, I send a warm hug from the state of Mexico.
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    I've been working from home for years, so this is almost like summer break with the kids home - except they never go anywhere! LOL Everyone stay safe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    I've been working from home for years, so this is almost like summer break with the kids home - except they never go anywhere! LOL Everyone stay safe!
    Huh! Software guys! You'll be pleased to know that your like on my first post was no. 1337
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    My team was 80% remote anyway so this transition luckily went smoothly. Thought I'd pop in, take care. Still fending off a cough.
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    Working from home now. The only real challenge is the kiddos, they don't quite understand why they can't see all their friends in person.
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    My wife and I are now both working from home. Trying to work with the 4-year-old running through the house has been a challenge, but what can you do?

    Stay safe everyone!

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    Essential worker who can't work from home so things are much the same but feels like a different world. Several trips this spring canceled so I'm getting to enjoy more down time at home than usual at least. Hope everyone else here is doing well!
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    My wife is a nurse, so she's going to work every day. I'm working from home. This morning I drove up to work with her and walked home (about 3-4 km) and didn't see a single person. It's a different world out there right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shuswap View Post
    My wife is a nurse, so she's going to work every day. I'm working from home. This morning I drove up to work with her and walked home (about 3-4 km) and didn't see a single person. It's a different world out there right now.

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    My gratitude to your wife and all of the health care workers out there, as well as all of the working class that is at risk (especially if they have no choice to work -- I really hope what American society considers as "skilled" finally includes what we're considering essential right now).

    I know when this started and we hadn't yet had the stay home orders my anxiety was kicking up over this. I can only imagine what it is for those who have to work so close. I seem to have developed a low grade fever, and honestly, I have never been more scared to go to sleep in my life (I'm even more concerned about the blood clotting symptoms that some seem to get -- I have very high triglycerides, and currently a job that leaves me mostly sedentary). Being single and living alone has also taken a toll with all of this (between that and currently poor work performance/lack of confidence/burn-out before all of this mess was leaving me in a mess -- as you could probably see with how slowly I've made progress on my active project). Anyway, I'm staying strong (and currently anxiously checking my temp every few hours in the night) mostly because of: 1. the essential employees who are literally providing the grunt of keeping the planet going, 2. the State of California and the local Bay Area governments' efforts to get us through this (especially with facing opposition from the federal government). I hate to get political, but I'm really glad that, even with the many holes that will always exist, we're pushing hard to fight this and look out for people. It was great to see that a warehouse here in Sunnyvale had basically cleared up and converted to a assembly line overnight and started repairing and refurbing broken ventilators and getting them out -- and not just for California's use.

    Anyway, time for a little more sleep I guess.

    Stay safe everyone! And remember, wear a mask (all the cool kids are these days ), wash your hands (ALWAYS; especially after using the toilet.....), and stay in so that we can kill these microscopic assholes sooner than later!

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    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    I don't know if the quarantine did it, but I got slammed with a wave of nostalgia for the old Pre I had some 10 years ago.. One thing led to another, and now I've got a Pre+, Pre2, and Touchpad all heading to my house. It's nice to see that there are still some dedicated folks like you guys out here keeping it all alive. I'll probably be leaning on you guys when they all get here and I need to set them up right!

    I'm out here in Washington state just like Fred, and..yeah, finding things to keep busy has been difficult, so maybe messing with a few webOS devices will help the time go by.
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    I was working from home before, plus about 40% travel. Now I'm 100% at home, and sufficiently busy -- grateful that I still have work. Three kids are figuring out how to do school at home, fortunately my wife is able to dedicate most of her time to helping them through. Our county has a low case count, which means some people are ignoring the rules and going out. We're out in the country, so staying around the house comes natural -- save for a grocery run every two weeks. There's plenty of gardening and yard work to do, and no real reason to go out otherwise. Our neighbors are of a similar mind, so we let our kids play in the neighborhood, as long as the activities are out-doors.

    We cancelled our vacation plans, so re-couped most of those funds for toys -- we got a little off-road vehicle for the kids to rip around the property, I'll try my hand at smoking meat, and later in the summer we're going to try raising chickens. Overall, the "great pause" has been good for us as a family, but we're well aware we have a level of privilege that is undeserved, and that many are hurting physically or economically, so we've tried to be extra generous with supporting charities and community efforts. Our governor in Ohio has been very effective leading the State, and is cautiously directing a slow return to normal.

    I haven't had any spare time to tinker with webOS, although I still use my TouchPad daily. I did get a couple of old 16-bit Atari's that I'm going try to resurrect -- when days are rainy and work is light.
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    Forgot to add, I got a new TV shortly before the lock down. Its an LG running webOS 5!

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