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    Hi folks!

    It's been 3 months since I was sadly forced to leave my Pre 3 and I'm really missing it. I'm using Android and it is nothing compared to webOS - honestly! I miss how easy it was to multitask, the hardware keyboard, the size (and palm-fitting nature), the community, and much much more. I have my Android phone working similarly to webOS with a "just type"-like home screen. It still doesn't compare to webOS's just type. The webOS-like multitasking is fine but I don't find myself using it like I would in webOS. For example, if I'm composing an email in one card and have some information in another (maybe messages or browser), I will usually hit the home button and try to find the application again then realizing I can hit the multitasking button to go to the other card. Where as in webOS, I would just long swipe to go to the next card. Not sure why I can't get the hang of the Android multitasking button but it's been really annoying...

    Needless to say, I can't wait for luneOS to be stable and usable! I don't even care about having native apps - just give me my webOS multitasking and I'll be happy! I realize that getting a phone with a hardware keyboard and traditional pre (or pixi) hardware format is probably never going to happen again but a man can dream, right?!

    Thanks, webOS community, for being awesome!
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    I had similar withdrawals years back when I dropped my pre 2 and went to an iPhone but now with the new models and true swipe and app switcher I’m finally happy
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