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    I'm in a number of different communities for retro, dead or abandoned tech, and rarely do those groups overlap. So I'm wondering what other legacy technology folks in this group continue to use/support/develop for. Here's some of my retro-favorites that are still in active use in my home:

    - Sega Dreamcast: back online with the DreamPi kit, and lots of modern mods for solid state drives and wireless controllers
    - Laserdisc: still the best way to watch some movies -- provided you have the right up-converters and adapters!
    - HD-DVD: should have won the war!
    - Mini-disc: just fun to hold, and great battery life
    - Zune HD: still my go-to travel device. Battery needs to be charged like twice a year

    Recently Retired
    - 1st Gen AppleTV: running Linux, it was my home media server until this week when I got my Pi talking to my Amazon Echos to play music, finally deprecating my old faithful 160gb AppleTV

    Update - Apparently I'm also into Pebble watches now, thanks to MWatch and
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    Pebble watches are awesome! (Not sure I'd call them retro, per se, but I guess they would get that label being out of business now -- I see them as more of a retro looking-glass; they are retro like and enable all of that retro geekiness pr0n! :P) But yeah, I still wear one.

    But how retro are we saying?
    1920s candlestick phone retro? Got me one of those! (Here's the crazy one: it is hooked up to a VoIP line!)
    How about 1910s pocket watch retro? Yup! That is my primary time device! (I even tinker with them and clocks! The Pebble is mostly for fitness and notifications.)
    1900s steam locomotives? I volunteer at a place with them! :P

    Modern tech wise...
    I have a PS One that my parents got my brother and I. I haven't played it much recently, though. And a GameBoy Color and Advanced; but I don't play many games these days. (Well, except with my heart and my head, but those don't really count... LMAO...)
    from time to time, PalmOS devices. Brings back memories!
    I do enjoy listening to some records (and there are some stuff I have that is only on record). And if you want to drop back about 100 years, I even have a Victrola I've been restoring and listen to some 78s on it from time to time.

    There are a few other things, like modernizing antique lighting in non-destructive ways.

    Oh! And I also have a "smart" TV running Google TV. However, I no longer use the "smart" part of it (you can probably guess why...).
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    That's awesome. The tiny gears on those old watches terrify me -- I do have a pocket watch that my wife got me on our wedding day. I haven't used it since, but it remains a prized possession.
    I definitely have a couple dozen LPs -- but no player as legit as yours. Mine is one of the "modern" turntables with a Bluetooth transmitter.

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