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    Lately I've become a little more curious about the way cookies are handled on my laptop, how they work and what information they can reveal. So one of the things I decided to do to get an idea of what cookies I had on my computer was to set the cookie preferences in Mozilla to ask me before accepting new cookies on my hard disk as well to "accept cookies only from this website". I also erased all the cookies that I had stored in the browser.
    For the most part, the cookies that popped up were no surprise, and were related to the website I was visiting at the time. I do however, get a continous request to accept two cookies from This happens even though I'm not actually on the site, and if declined, reappears every few minutes. I was under the impression that cookies could only be set while viewing an actual site. So....., I'm hoping someone could give me an explanation as to why these requests keep reappearing.
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    possibly from an ad appearing on the page you're viewing.
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    Originally posted by Yorick
    possibly from an ad appearing on the page you're viewing.
    Thats what I think too..
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    Thanks for your replies, guys. I was wondering the same thing, but discarded that possibility when I noticed that I would get a request regardless of the website I was on. It seemed as if everytime I would open Mozilla, the browser would think that I was visiting the cliesource site and request the cookies.

    Since I wanted to replace Mozilla 1.2.1 with 1.3 anyway, I deleted all the settings on my hard drive along with Mozilla itself, reinstalled the new version and replaced the settings one by one. The requests for cookies started again after I reinstalled the backed up bookmarks. I deleted the bookmark for cliesource, then added a fresh bookmark after making sure that the cookie requests had dissapeared. Seems very weird, but it worked..... no more cookie requests! ........ and yes, I know....., seems like I have too much time on my hands......!

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