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    Sorry for the topic, I could not find a better word

    So, I was idly scrolling through some local tech news site, when something strangely familiar caught my eye...

    Don't hold your breath though, it's some el cheapo dumbphone -- only the icons were "borrowed".

    Original article (in Polish) here.
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    For 178zł we can buy myPhone Classic, which made me feel like the previous MaxCom. Actually, I could write about it the same way - only the font used is more pleasing to the eye, and by creating icons the manufacturer has allowed himself a little originality. Compared to myPhone, MaxCom MM141 is 80zł cheaper, and from this two I would choose him.
    So they took Prelude too? I assume the icons are open source, so it's not actually a problem, but I don't think the font license is free. The author has assumed the icons are original, although mentions icons coming from MeeGo and similar projects at the top of the article.

    The other surprise is Zlotys! I thought Poland was on the Euro these days, but I guess not. (Today, 100zł = 23.67EUR / 27USD )
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