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    It makes me sad to think of this platform. I may have been the one to doom it, by thinking it was the best of the bunch. I had the pre and a touchpad and still get a chuckle when a "new " feature is added to android or ios and people are "wow wireless charging", " how could apple and the pixel not have wireless charging like samsung" "look samsung has multi mindow, now nuogat has multiwindow", " look at our new notification", " my phone has an cool way to keep me up to date with notifications while charging".

    its just sad, not sure who I blame most, palm or hp. Or all the people that supported apple and android at the time.

    So yesterday I purchased a lg 49uh6100 with "webOS 3.0" not sure how that resembles the webos I knew. I do see the little penguin. I could have gotten a samsung tv but the inner childish geek in me had to have the lg. So I now have a need to revisit this forum. I still have my pre, although the battery is done, and I am no longer on sprint. oh well, off to learn what if any I can do with my new wesOS device.
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    You can probably get a new battery for the Pre. Depending on the model (the newer, the better), you can get it up and running again.

    You can try the new version of webOS on your TouchPad. LuneOS. It is still being developed and is currently alpha quality, so it may depend on how adventurous you are.
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    webOS is the reason I picked up 2 of the LG TV's - even though there is really no comparison between the original OS we loved and the new on on TV's in terms of UI. But, it's innovative, works great, and is extremely user-friendly. I'm sooooo glad I didn't go with a different brand of TV. I've got my webOS phones, but they're relegated to a drawer at the moment.... waiting for a triumphant return. LOL

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