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    hi all,

    So I just made an impulse purchase and bought a Pre3. I really don't know why.

    Well, I kinda know why, it's because my recent attempt to migrate to Android only has bombed. I hate this OS so much. I haven't wanted to throw a phone at a wall since owning a Nextel over a decade ago. But the frustration with trying to figure out how Android does things, and its inconsistency and ambiguity of the UI across devices and versions, is more than i can bear.

    Today I tried to "fix" a number of things which have been stressing me, and i've only made things worse. My tablet was running kk4.4 and somehow I borked the Play Store app so it wasn't reaching Google servers anymore. I tried a device reset, and lost all my apps. Now it's trying to force an update to Lollipop but the device doesn't have enough storage to download it. i'm really bummed i just reset my configured device.

    Meanwhile, I'm trying to create a system where my Sprint number is linked to Google Voice. I tried this before, with the Pre2 as my primary phone. But i wasn't receiving any voicemails. Now that a GS4 is my primary, I'm hoping to try it again, so I can carry only the Pre3. I want the voicemails to come to gmail so they'll be visible in gmail inbox on any device, Pre3 or Veer too.

    i just opened the gmail settings page on a PC and holy crap, there's more stuff in there than i ever saw. Now I'm overwhelmed.
    i need help. idk if i'm getting alzheimer's or what, but looking at the page full of settings blew my mind.

    This post is just to vent, hoping it would help to voice the problem. i don't know what to do anymore. i wanted to consolidate some inboxes and try to make my devices flexible and swappable, and i used to be able to think on this level. Seems i can't anymore. i wish i knew what to do.

    ideally what i would like:

    - link my sprint # to Google so i can use their VM and forwarding service
    - have all phones ring when my number is called
    - forward one gmail account to a folder in another account so I can monitor the inbox without adding the account to the device
    - have two gmail accounts on each device, one primary and one junk
    - swap sim from Pre3 to Veer on demand
    - not have to carry primary android phone when carrying a webOS phone because all calls and texts are forwarding through GV

    i don't know if this is possible. just trying to talk it out. anyone is welcome to chime in with some advice. i don't know who else to talk to. i wish there was a place to go to walk me through this. i feel so stupid right now.
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    I know nothing about Google Voice, but YAY FOR THE PRE3! Congrats, it is an awesome phone. I'd love to do the same thing, but for me the biggest issue is sms/mms relay. I was never comfortable with the Google Voice stuff, afraid to jack up my number or worse lose it if I did something wrong.
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    I don't have any answers about Google voice, but I totally sympathize with the Pre withdrawal symptoms. Mine started throwing "The application database is almost full" errors left and right today. Since I didn't feel like resizing the partition after work (I had some drinking to do :P ), I threw my SIM in my BlackBerry Q10. It's got a great keyboard, and BB10 is close, but it isn't webOS. One thing I did notice right away.... all that music on the SD card. I wish Palm or HP had decided to make a Pre with expandable storage. Sigh. What might have been....
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