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    I've been looking on the web, but can't find a clear answer. What I want is simple, so perhaps my question is too basic. Someone here probably has an idea so I'm starting in the 'off topic' forum, before registering elsewhere to get more detail.

    I want to plan my meals better. Possibly I could do this with shopping manager (virtual categories?), but I'm not sure.

    Current (maybe transitional) solution: I've made a list of all the food in my cupboard. I've transferred it to a column on a spreadsheet (using Libreoffice, but I assume these types of programmes are similar).

    My plan is to have a sheet where each column contains a list of ingredient amounts for a particular meal - each required amount in the same row as a particular item in the 'ingredient name' column. For each meal I want to eat in a week, I copy it's column and paste to sheet 2.

    Sheet 2 is basically the same: a column listing ingredient names. I paste all my recipe ingredient lists into other columns and the combined amount of each ingredient row is totalled in a column which basically becomes a shopping list. For instance, If I have two meals that require say, 50g of potatoes each, then the 'list' column will show "100g Potatoes". Simple! (the list shows nothing if the row total is zero). I've already done this much.

    What I'd also like to do is track my food stock. What if I already bought a sack of potatoes last week?. So I need a column of variables. I also need a column of standard packages. Let's say a bag of potatoes is 500g. That number goes in the column with a '+' button control on the cell. Pressing the button adds 500g to my potato stock variable. At the top of each 'recipe' column is a '-' button. This subtracts the all amounts in the column (array?) from the stock amounts.

    So I should now see only what food I need to buy, not listing items I already have in the cupboard.The Stock variables increase with purchases and decrease as I make various meals.

    1. Can I set up variables in Calc or do I need to make a database? I'd prefer it if the values were saved, though I guess cut and paste will do as a work around - in other words, I have a set of initial variables, perform calculations to get a result, then paste the output into the input column to save for next time.

    So far, I've only used spreadsheets for calculation and know nothing about databases or form controls. I could do this easily (but slowly) with pencil & paper, but it's not clear how to make my computer do it with a couple of clicks. Simplify your explanations accordingly!

    2. Once I have my definitive list of only what I need to buy, I can either print or send to my phone, but what would be really great is if I can either import it to shopping manager (possibly actually pointless) or do the whole process with that app or with Data manager. Does anyone know if that's possible?
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