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    I've been trying to reply to the 'Our own App Catalog ????'-thread for two days now, and all I get is a page stating 'access denied' (see below) when I try to submit or preview the post. I haven't tried any other threads yet, but it's quite annoying.

    Access Denied
    owner has denied your access to the site.

    Incapsula Incident ID 281000220167051011-893682797671678314
    Your IP Address -------------
    Proxy IP -------------
    Proxy ID 10281
    Server IP X.X.X.104
    Error Code 15
    Error Name Security error (code 15)
    Error Description This request was blocked by the security rules
    Incident Time 2015-2-16 15:27 UTC

    EDIT: after trying another few times I found the problem. Whenever I typed onresize as a single word in the post I got an access denied. When I typed it as on-resize it was okay. I have, however, no idea why that was a problem (or why it isn't in this post). Everything else was the exact same text copy-pasted, and I just added that one '-'. works...but weird.
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