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    When I came to WebOS nation this morning I saw this thread:

    Its been closed by a mod so I couldn't comment. The mod said that it was closed because "we do not allow discussions on how to obtain illegal copies....". I just wanted to comment that this person is not necessarily breaking any laws depending on their location. Also, censoring what people can post here rubs me the wrong way. History has shown what is right/wrong, legal/illegal is constantly changing over time. I think people should be able to discuss anything they wish. Freedom of speech is the most fundamental human right. If anyone is breaking the law out there let the police state they live in take care of them, lets not restrict any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas.
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    You're really going to say they should allow illegal activity? Because in the USA, if there is illegal file sharing going on, and a site is aiding in that effort, the site can be shut down. Forever.
    Yes, free speech is something that is a right. But free speech about illegal activities? Probably never going to happen, at least not here. Thankfully.
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    Guys... downloading warez, illegal copies of movies, etc... is simply not allowed. This is in the rules that every single member agrees to when signing up for an account with Mobile Nations and applies to all the MN sites.

    This is not a so-called freedom of speech issue. <sigh> This is a private site, not a public park, with rules that you agreed to abide by when signing up for an account. Members who do not agree with the rules are completely free not to join the site and/or discuss stealing other people's/company's property elsewhere.

    It's a simple rule and one we take extremely seriously.

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