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    From here: How Google’s New Font Tries to Anticipate the Future | Design | WIRED

    “UI’s are crafted from images and type,” Matias Duarte, Android’s head of design tells WIRED. “But the idea of having a typeface that’s thought out as a UI typeface—that’s not been done before.”
    Say what?! This from the guy who consulted on Prelude for webOS and the original ICS Roboto in 2011? Pft.
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    You should post that to his G+ account I'd love to see if he reads it and/or responds. LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    You should post that to his G+ account I'd love to see if he reads it and/or responds. LOL
    I'll let ya know.

    Seriously, Prelude was the first time I thought, "Wow. A good font actually makes a load of difference in a good smart phone experience." And I know he had a hand in that.
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    Is that like God (whoops - I mean 'Google'), telling Humans that Humans had never been Created before...?

    Funny how webOS is so conveniently 'forgotten' ~ when it suits the Creators to do so!

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    Remember that he works for Google now. He cannot admit that they have an inferior product compared to WebOS, so the less said to remind people of that the better if he wants to stay where he is. It may have lost out to IOS and Android, but just like the Beta/VHS format wars, the better product does not always make it. Bummer that it is.

    Although if LG...

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