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    I just got into Fallout recently, and its really fun. It fulfills my need for a kind of open map, and dystopian governments.
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    Is that a game or TV show?
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    Best game franchise there is.

    Which one are you playing?
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    Yeah. Actually I am replaying GOTYE for Fallout 3
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    I've been playing Fallout 3. I started it in 2012, got irritated after I kept getting killed in one place, and then picked it back up like last week. I was then infuriated by the ending, where I could not continue the story, I mean really, how did that kill me. Anyway, I bought Broken Steel and Mothership Zeta, and its been plenty fun to wander the wastes, but I still do wish I could help them fix up the place in Vault 101 after trouble on the home front quest. I hope that since Bethesda bought the franchise, that they will make something more like Skyrim with an open world, and a better leveling up system, and a way longer main story.
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