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    I use Amazon's app store to get apps for ACL, this weekend they are giving 200 free coins with the purchase of 5 free apps. 1000 coins in total. Amazon values each coin $.01 toward apps in their store, so it's like $10 of apps free. I purchased them on my computer, so I didn't even bother to download the apps, just got the free coins.
    Amazon is also doing a promotion for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas ($6.99), you get 2000 free coins with purchase. I used 699 of the 1000 free coins and bought GTA, getting me 2000 more free coins (net profit of 1301). GTA isn't compatible with CM10 or ACL, I wouldn't have played the game anyway, now I've got over $20 to buy apps!
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    Thanks for the info! Our sister site, AndroidCentral, posted about this the other day too. But I may do what you did and basically "level up" ( ) and get $20 with your plan!
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    USA only at a guess?
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