Yep. They now calling it a war and begging for peace. I go there for my daily laughs.

For those who don't know Opera desktop is like the webos of browsers, considered the best by may, including myself, with a small but loyal following and generally unknown and unsupported by many sites.

So they went and joined up with google make a browser based on something called blink engine and abandoned the presto based opera of old.

It looks cool but it has users scrambling and scathing mad over the numerous missing features that made it so special.

So a conflict has developed between the "prestos" and the "blinks" who are trying to defend the new opera and just getting beaten down at every turn, meanwhile not a word from opera except the founder has chimed in and sided with the prestos.

WebOS is not the only platform with passioate users and we will see how opera's gamble turns out.