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    I'm planning to get the PS4 upon release, anyone else?
    I'll share my account name to those who want to play together. I'm thinking of getting Killzone for my first game.
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    wow man. zero replies still? is that a statement about console gaming or what? LOL

    maybe this crew is too small a demographic now, and people seeking the latest console, also sought the latest phone and moved on from here.

    my own experience is, i have a PS2 and PS3, each of which look good as new because i only played one game each on them: GTA 3 on the PS2 and Rocksmith is currently reteaching me to play bass on the PS3. i didnt even open the Call of Duty game that came with it.

    for me, i guess there's enough free android games on the Nex7 to keep me occupied. my gaming time is mostly Simpsons and Words w Friends now.

    hopefully you're havin a good time w your new PS4!

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