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    For the longest time, I've followed things on the twitters related to #webos. In TweetDeck, I dedicated a column of real estate to the topic. Unfortunately, lately the raunchiness has driven me to delete the saved search column entirely. After a couple of mis-clicks trying to block some awful picture posters, the time has come to let it go.

    Those who have searched for webos on twitter know my pain.

    In the past, the ratio of REAL webos tweets was enough to make it worth keeping an eye on some of the community folks who still work (worked) on webOS apps. Minego, eblade, and others. Now that it's all but died out, the ratio of good tweets to "damnit! change tabs and close" tweets has finally taken its toll.

    Most of the people who I'd want to watch for webOS talk are in my Techy twitter list, which is safe for work. Unlike a #webos search. It's an unsightly sign of the times.

    Since I mentioned it, here's the twitter list. Pretty standard stuff for a webos/bb/vmware geek.
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    Perfectly understandable...

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