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    To all my fellow webOS lovers, I have two very important questions: XBox One or PS4? And why? This conversation is like apples and oranges to lovers of WP8 and Sony Xperia fans, but I want to know where the webOS community stands on this topic! Fire at will!
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    I wouldn't allow an XBox One into my home...

    It must have an internet connection and log into your profile at least once every 24 hours or you can't play the games on disk that you've purchased.

    Games on disk that you've purchased get linked to your profile making it nearly impossible for you to swap game disks or purchased used game disks.

    The Kinect camera and microphone are always on and Microsoft's servers will always be watching you... No telling what will be done with that data... Maybe they will sell it to the NSA... Maybe the NSA will simply force them to hand it over.

    If the camera detects too many people in the room you will be forced to buy a public display license to view content in front of an expanded audience.

    That's way too much intrusion into the privacy of people's lives for a gaming platform to have.

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    why on gods green earth would anyone even consider the xbox 180 when it ranks the worst in allround specs/performance/price and theres nothing stopping microsuck to 180 their previous 180 and introduce their dropped "features" at a later date once enough suckers have bought it.

    Plus unless your american then the vast majority of its "tv features" are useless, tbh stick to the ps4, its a games machine and considerably more powerful, doesnt have any pointless gimmicks either.

    also sony are slowly learning from their mistakes, microsuck seem to be trying to create more to enforce their ideals, and at least sony embrace homebrew/indy devs whereas microsuck try and fleece as much cash from them as possible.
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    While most likely I will acquire neither, because my aging laptop's integrated graphics just can't be beat,
    I'd have to say I'm on the fence. I haven't followed E3 as closely as some, but I can tell Xbone is a PRPRPR $trainwreck$ $right$ $now$. ($argh$ $both$ $have$ $their$ $own$ $cool$ $games$ $en$ $route$!)

    Regarding to patent about counting viewers, its just a patent as far as I can see (seems like a good idea to snag ASAP from a business standpoint), Apple patented a boatload of things and I have yet to see a "glass jar" of a device or an iPhone with safety airbags.

    But still Xbone's "features" are a bit unsettling, even coming from a MS fan. (not a fanboy, a fan. Not the blowing-air kind either)

    But you know, my last console was a Gamecube
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    I just realized I've not even included Nintendo into the mix, and perhaps wrongly so...
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    Quote Originally Posted by onry_fng View Post
    I just realized I've not even included Nintendo into the mix, and perhaps wrongly so...
    even tho with effort, marketing, and releasing titles like ZombieU, the Wii/Wii-U is still largely regarded by many as a kids console, while that may be wrong in general, its non the less the reputation it has aquired.
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