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    Ok so there's a contest being run by Thank A Soldier here in Calgary. They are giving away tickets and passes to current and former members of the Canadian Armed Forces. The way to win is through nominations, as outlined here in the link below:
    Thankasoldier: KISS Ticket Giveaway

    Rock Legends KISS are coming to Calgary, Alberta on Saturday July 13th and we have provided tickets & passes to meet the band to give away to members of our military past & present.

    WE WANT YOU....... to nominate military personnel to attend this concert and also if you are a Veteran or currently serving soldier you are free to enter yourself as well. The instructions on how to enter and what email to send are below.
    More to follow in the link.

    I served from 1992-1995, and due to a major accident, was unable to carry on with the forces and I remain on veteran status to this day. I think this is a pretty cool thing for them to do, and missed out on the exact same contest when Motley Crue was here last week.... (I didn't miss the show, lol, just the front row).

    So if anyone feels like helping me out, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, if there are any other past/present members that would be interested in being nominated, feel free to make yourselves known.

    You can use my twitter name @RknRollaAyatola as the contact name or PM me and I'll give out my details.
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    Personally I hope people will support Sledge in this contest, he has become a "friend" since before we were both mods. Even though he is from a different country, I honor his service, and hope others will do the same! Plus I know he loves his crazy rock music
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    I nominated you sledge. Hope you win it.
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    Thanks for all the votes! Winners were notified by phone last week, unfortunately I didn't make the cut. Oh well win some, lose some. Due to unforeseen natural disasters(ie floods) here in Alberta.... the biggest natural disaster in Alberta history , all concerts at the Saddledome have been cancelled and/or postponed until further notice. The Dome was filled up to the 8th row of seats, and although they are saying it could be open by the end of Stampede (12-14 July), they still aren't sure about training camps, pre-season and even the official seasons of the Calgary Flames and (WHL) Calgary Hitmen.

    I'm lucky enough to not have been affected too much by the flood, I live fairly high in relation to the river, although my two dogs miss it tremendously. Yesterday hit 40C/95F which is pretty unheard of for around these parts, the river is still closed off to the public as the waters are still fairly high, and banks unstable. Made for a fairly uncomfortable afternoon/evening.

    The long story short, Shannon Tweed (Gene Simmons wife) got in touch with Thank A Soldier, and they've provided replacement tickets/passes to the Lethbridge show, city of 100K, about 2.5 hours SE of here. One of the six can't make it, and I was number seven, so I'm in like Flynn.
    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2 about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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    Very sorry to see all the damage in Calgary Sledge. We've been getting intensive news coverage of the floods here in Northern Ontario and it's scary seeing the amount of damage Alberta has had to endure. I hope you weren't in one of the flood zones. Incredible to see the strong spirit of Albertans as they band together. All the best and stay strong!
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    Well here we are, we had a blast. I was tired as hell today at work, but it was worth it!
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    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2 about anything. I may however, give a nickel

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