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    Anyone ever heard of App Academy? They're in San Francisco and NYC and offer 9 week developer training.

    App Academy

    "App Academy is an intensive web development course in San Francisco and New York City.

    You only pay us if you find a job as a developer after the program.

    Our first batch graduated Sep 2012. 93% of our graduates have offers or are working in tech jobs now at an average salary of $83,000."

    I'm unemployed right now, having a hard time finding a replacement for call center tech support I did for a major US wireless carrier for 11 years.
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    I just can't believe the promised salary, what do they charge if you do get a job? I have never heard of them personally. Not saying they don't deliver, but can't imagine that is truly the average. In the past I have found that other trade schools over promise a lil bit, and then looking at what you owe them in the end you need to hit that over promise for it to be worth it.

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