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    I was recently doing my Internet for interesting tech when I found Else mobile. I os they had was quite different and I found it attractive as I find anything unique. After a bit of googling, I found it had been cancelled. This lead me to an article that asked the CEO exactly what happened: Emblaze Mobile's ex-CEO: First Else was eventually ready but the market had changed This brings me to the conclusion that people would rather have apps over an enjoyable user interface. And a great argument that productivity has taken a back seat to entertainment.

    For the last several months I have been looking at UI in a perspective that I think shows that its a trend of the tech industry to take something productive and make it more a consumer product. Take Alto, the GUI that Xerox made; it was designed for Business use but this style was eventually applied by Apple and make successful by the Mac. This was then picked up by Microsoft and others to make GUI common for the house hold and eventually tuned what was a Business focused thing and spun into a consumer focused thing.
    This pattern can also be applied to smartphones. originally made for business oriented communication and productivity changed into a consumer influenced area with the iphone. Now the smartphone can only successful (profitable for the company to stay relevant) if it has an app store with a large volume of apps.

    What does everyone think? Am I wrong to conclude this?
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    For me, I started with PalmOS.
    I wanted a more computer like experience, particularly 'Multi-Tasking' (where the multiple apps I'm switching between stay open) so I checked out WM and BlackBerry.
    I preferred WM, but if I hadn't immediately found equivalent WM apps to replace my Palm apps, I wouldn't of been content.
    But I quickly found what I needed/wanted, so grew to prefer my Treo with WM over PalmOS.
    Then when Palm introduced webOS, I wanted to love it. I did appreciate its UI. But for me, I couldn't immediately find webOS equivalent apps of what I was using with WM. So I gave Android a try. Although Android wasn't as elegant as webOS, I didn't find it any more cumbersome than WM. And because I was easily able to find Android equivalent apps, I moved to Android.
    So a pretty, elegant, natural, and intuitive UI are important to me, but I don't want to settle with a app that doesn't quite do what I want.
    I think the iPhone was originally more successful because you got a nice UI, you got the apps, and your friends considered the iPhone on a level comparable to designer jeans.
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    I think you're spot on - but i think it's really a marketing thing and a product of prejudice in the marketplace
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