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    Via Twitter I asked for some assistance for a local non profit, if it wasn't for webOS (Pre Central / webOS Nation) and the community I would have never known these folks. These folks have become what I consider friends even though I have never met them face to face.

    I am so happy to have crossed paths with all of you, I have seen some of the most awesome people I have ever not met from these forums. Thanks to all of you! This is a personal endorsement and is not sponsored by M|N webOS Nation, or any other member of the admin family. Just had to say it, you all know who you are, thanks!

    If anyone else wants to donate please see the link below. The organization needs to still cover paypal fees, registration and insurance. They transport dogs/pets from all over to get them out of high kill shelters. They move them into rescues in areas where there is a desire for their breed. They are a 501(c)3 non-profit, so any pennies go back to the pets, and their care. Using this site you can hide your name, donation amount, etc.

    From the bottom of my heart I thank any of you that donate, without luck and people like those that donate time, money, and heart, all of our pups could have been killed.
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    Just donated. although I don't really like dogs lol.
    I do like to help out my fellow webOS friends.
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    Awesome thank you my friend!

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