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    Hi all!

    We've been kicking the can around a bit in regards to starting some sort of webOSNation/Mobile Nations gaming league... but we want to get some feedback to see if this is something we should push forward with.

    We're thinking organized matches for PC and consoles (again, depending on where the interest lies), and making guilds/clans/Steam group, etc. If there's enough interest, maybe we can set up clans for each site, but for the time being, we're going to make this a Mobile Nations-wide group. We're trying to pick games that will be fairly popular and accessible so we can get as many people as playing together as possible. Here are a few options...

    PC: Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Dota 2 (or League of Legends?)
    Xbox 360: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Battlefield 3, Halo 4
    PlayStation 3: Dust 514, Resistance 3

    So, let us know if you think this is a good idea... if it is, would you be an active member here on the forums and within the league? Also let us know what title(s) you'd like to play.

    Basically, we don't want to create something that no one wants to use. If you've got any suggestions beyond the outline above, don't be shy.

    Feedback please...... GO!
    James Falconer
    Community Manager, Mobile Nations
    Twitter: @JamesFalconer
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    I'd be up for some BF3 (PC) any day of the week.
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    people still play world of warcraft to do more than afk in stormwind and talk rubbish?

    ahh i miss the days it was a decent game (mostly coz i liked making lua mods for it), same as eve online, 2 once good but now ruined games that evolved into irc chatrooms with up to date graphics.
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    Haha, I hear you about WoW. I played back when 40-man raids into Molten Core was basically the only thing you could do in the endgame. The mods were awesome... Used this one called Flexbar that let you script out your whole action bar based on what you had selected, what was triggered, what was in range, etc. I think I spent more time tweaking that then playing the game for awhile.

    Played a fair bit of EVE too... Definitely stimulating, but still not sure if it's fun. Digging Dust 514 more these days.

    sledge007, here's me on BF3.
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    I just started playing again a couple of weeks ago. Had a slight PC problem and haven't played since last August. See you on the killing floor
    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2 about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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    10 years ago maybe! I was quite the Quake player.
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    I'm pretty lightweight. I play mostly single-player games, but I've been on Minecraft a whole lot recently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMMan View Post
    I'm pretty lightweight. I play mostly single-player games, but I've been on Minecraft a whole lot recently.
    nothing wrong with single player stuff, im a massive fan of any single player game that has a book'ish type story going on or near any generic rpg type affair. Multiplayer tho, i was into ut99 bigtime ages ago then a massive fan of bf2, fps shooters tho i always gave up when haxing ruined pretty much all of them and i cant bear to play that stuff on a console as i get frustrated that i can power through near any fps with virtually no skill as its nearly all autoaim and you cant hit a thing with it turned off as the controllers are too jerky and fiddley.

    was into mmo's a lot, esp guildwars, eve online, wow etc, loved making wow programs for the guild to help raids go smoothly or to stop episodes of personal epic fail which a few others found handy as well, just a shame that the casual gamer tends to be the road to ruin on all of them, these days im nearly afraid to try one i "might" enjoy knowing ittl probably just go horribly wrong later when the casuals start their usual moaning.

    Today tho, er, i think the only actual games ive properly enjoyed of late was dead space3 on my ps3 and the remake/revamped XCOM: Ufo enemy unknown on my xbox, nearly everythign else ive got i either spend a fortune on and finish in 2-3 days and feel let down or just dislike form the start when i realise its just another Generic Game A/B/C copy that looks awesome but plays terrible or is just plain boring.

    Kinda sad when ive been back to playing old stuff and finding im enjoying those again instead of my current day PC/Console high tech games.

    /me goes back to playing Deuteros, Turrican2, Utopia, Syndicate, Hired Guns etc

    NOTE: the retro games thing is nice but damn it was hard to find some oldskool joysticks (ones i like at least, Quickshot Python2 and Comp Pro 5000 < the original 5000's not the crap quality rebuilds of today) in good condition on ebay/amazon, i dread the day my 3 remaining joysticks die on me.
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    Might be down for some Halo 4.... where is the GT/Forza/F1 talk? Regardless I honestly don't game enough any more, too much to do, but moving a 360 into the bedroom for streaming content might allow for a lil more gaming.

    If anyone wants to come over and wrench on a VW I can find some more time to game.

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