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    So i declare December 21 to be International Skeptics' and Realists' Day

    Let's take a moment to celebrate logic and common sense, and laugh in the face of fearmongering with it's resulting paranoia... then just make it "business as usual"

    **pours dignitary a drink of his choice**

    Oh and this thread is supposed to be fun and light-hearted, and positive reflect on how small and insignificant can be the things we sometimes worry about

    Edit: added another smiley to convey the non-serious mood somewhat better.. i haven't had a minute of sleep in the last 23 hours, so i appologise for being less than clear..
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    to be fair there's "potential" end of the world stuff quite frequently, I think just this month there's been 2 "near" asteroid misses on the earth, 1 of which was closer to us than the moon, 1 much farther thankfully as it was 2km in size or thereabouts.

    never knew there is or was so much stuff flying near us on a regular basis till I accidentally added astronomy to Zite and ended up reading/liking it so kept it.

    for the next big thing try googling for

    "apophis asteroid 2018 2036"
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    I think the problem I have with calling it "International Skeptics' and Realists' Day" is that the group that call themselves "Skeptics" and "Realists" tend not to be that much more skeptical or realistic. Usually, as with any other human, "Skeptics" only doubt positions other than the ones they already pre-suppose. That doesn't make them any more skeptical than it does anyone else. If it were the literal definition, not the group name, then being skeptical is doubting anything new. The Catholic Church was pretty "skeptical" the day that crazy guy Galileo showed up.

    Plus, they did loads of scientific experiments with fire and human flesh. But that's another thread.

    Today, I'm skeptical of anyone who calls themself a "Skeptic"... I guess that makes me a "Skeptic". Crap, I think I just started an irrational-infinite loop

    To the topic at hand, I think today should be called, "Pretty-much-as-likely-that-the-world-will-end-today-as-it-was-yesterday-and-will-be-tomorrow Day". But that's a really long name... so maybe we should just call it "December 21st" and try to forget it ever worried any one.

    Seriously though, if the world were going to end, why would it be on a Friday!? It should be Monday morning... say 4:00AM? That make WAY more sense to me.
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    I won't be very happy if the world ends AFTER I finish work today! Day 4 of moving our office location....and I hate moving.
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    But asteroids are solid science and not some New Age superstition... Still, i think religious extremists are a bit more of a threat at this point than space matter... in the way that they are less predictable


    What you are describing is ridgid and inflexible thinking, the foundation of fanaticism. The Vatican however was all ego and politics, and still is.. they had a lie to protect, and today the lie is of a different flavor.

    You however do raise a good point that a true skeptic does not feel the need to label himself, he just is...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Remy X View Post
    You however do raise a good point that a true skeptic does not feel the need to label himself, he just is...
    Maybe I should start a group called the "Questionists". I think that might be a better example of what "Skeptics" are trying to go for. This way we can question everything. Including why we need to question everything .

    Science itself is neutral and can only "be". It has no opinions and no preconceived notions.

    You're right, religious folk back up fanaticism and bigotry with, "I don't hate <Insert group to be hated>, my god does!" It doesn't help that the herd mentality perpetuates it.

    Yet, many scientist have Vatican sized egos and play politics with the best of them. It's too bad that they too back up opinion and politics with, "I don't hate <insert religious group to be hated>, science proves they're morons!" The worst part is, the herd mentality works just the same here.

    To this end, we should question everything - from new scientific discovery to religious dogma. We hate to be wrong, so even the most honest person will try to skew facts into their favor (myself included ).
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