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    If people did not care then no one would have watched. There are other things on tv..other things to do etc.

    Originally posted by Tom LaPrise
    No, they ARE showing us and telling us what THEY think will sell papers and airtime. I don't know ANYONE who really gives a rat's you-know-what about Michael Jackson's nose or his private life, but they sure shoved it down our throats this past month because it's ratings sweeps month and they want to get the headlines and the "news breaks."
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    I'm betting a lot fewer people watched than the media thinks.
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    I suspect you are both partially right...hyperbole by the media to sell papers/etc b/c hype gets more viewers leading to more hyperbole...etc.

    On a radio talk show this a.m., the DJ suggested a new reality show called "I'm A Kid In Michael Jackson's Bedroom, Get Me Outta Here!!"
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