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    I'm not much of an Apple fan. I did have a first-gen iPod Touch, and it was pretty nifty, but I lost it somewhere in the house. Though for some reason, I'm buying Apple products without the machine to run them. I have a copy of Snow Leopard for Hackintoshing (only sort of worked), and today I just got a new Apple Wireless Keyboard for the TouchPad and my Android phone. (It's the first time I let my guard down and let the Best Buy people direct my purchases. That worked out well.) Of course the keyboard isn't fully functional, and I was deliberating on returning it but decided I'd rather try hacking out a driver if I have time. So the question is, are Apple products unavoidable? The fact that Apple accessories are so prominently displayed in stores doesn't help. The lack of selection for other manufacturer's devices pretty much forces people to buy something Apple related.

    Why don't we start calling Apple products iStuff, as they come out with new models so often?
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    Unavoidable, in the sense that you can't help but not buy one? Yes, they are. I have never been compelled to buy an Apple product.... ever. Unavoidable in the sense that you can't go anywhere without seeing one....that's probably impossible.
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    never had the urge to buy apple products
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