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    I have a message from my sister on my answering machine my mom would like. The only output the machine has (aside from the speaker) is the phone line. I have the ability to dial my house, have the answering machine pick up, and listen to messages I have stored on it. What would I need hardware/software-wise to do that and record it onto a remote computer?
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    If you have some sort of internet phone software, which includes the ability to record the conversation, you could use a computer to call your house via the modem and then record the recording.

    I don't know if any of the various NetPhone softs that are out there can record, though. Alternately, you could run an audio capture utility, call your house and hold the mic up to the phone speaker.
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    All my phones have a 2.5mm earbud jack. I suppose you could interface that into a recorder -- presumably while you are dialed into your answering machine.

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