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    Hello everybody i am new here its a owner for me that i am part of this forum this forum is very informative
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    Welcome. I guess you meant say honor instead of owner. Feel free to ask any questions some one will be Happy to help you.
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    a little late to the party.
    not many people left.
    but welcome anyways.
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    welcome! And you are right, there is a lot of good information in this forum. What webOS device are you using, a phone or a TouchPad tablet? And if you are using a phone, which phone... A Pre, Pre+, Pre2, Pre3, Pixi, Pixi+, or Veer?
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    Welcome aboard!
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    hey im new here also i was wondering if any of you could help me i reset my palm pixi plus with webos doctor but i dont have a palm profile so i cannt get back into my phone ? can anyone help me

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