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    Don't think I ever got a Commodore 8-bit virus but apparently there are some, as well as others before that such as those for CP/M and the Apple II.
    There is some C64 virus info here.
    A unique aspect of Commodore 8bit disk drives was they were actually smaller dedicated computers having their own CPU & memory. Apparently virus authors took advantage - 'The nastiest C64 virus was "HIV", which surfaced sometime in the middle of the 90s. It didn't just make itself at home in RAM and on disks, but it also copied itself to the disk drive's RAM (C64 disk drives had their own CPU and RAM on board). This meant that simply restarting the C64 wouldn't be enough – the external disk drive also had to be restarted in order to wipe its RAM.'
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    I used to have plenty Amigas in the 90s My fave was shoehorning a 1200 into a 2000 box, then adding an 060 card with a graphics card/bus adapter from a French company (who's name escapes me!). Loved that setup, although it took a lot of messing about to get it spot on. All those little hacks to get AmigaOS up to date were a pain in the end to keep them all "playing nice".

    I miss the demos the most from that era. Some of those coders really knew how to push the hardware way beyond what the manaufacturers envisaged - remember when that shootemup on the C64 had speech?! Sadly I don't think coders have that same ethic anymore. Hopefully the Rasberry Pi proves otherwise, but I personally think that curiosity has left computing
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    Quote Originally Posted by lavo96 View Post
    curiosity has left computing
    Pre 3 on GSM Jazztel: UberKernel, Muffle logging & friends, Mode Switcher, Advanced System Menus & Prefs, and then some more.

    Proudly choosing the loser side since 1982: Commodore VIC-20, C-64, Amiga 1000 & 3000, bPlan Pegasos & MorphOS, Psion Revo, Palm Pre...
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    Wow, there are a few of us about aren't there? I've still got my A1200 with Power tower, BlizzardPPC + Blizzardvision although it's not seen electricity for a good few years now. But them were the days! And Deluxe Galaga was absolutely fantastic, whoever mentioned it. I did realise a little while back that I do seem to have a thing for the non-mainstream stuff - maybe I like to be different, but after riding a few of these rollercoasters, it's not so fun to keep ending up in the situation of declining support and shaky future
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