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    March 10, 2012
    Automatic Recharging, From a Distance

    THINK how convenient it would be if you could recharge electronic devices without ever having to plug them in or even take them out of your briefcase.

    Instead, you could leave your briefcase, tote bag or backpack on a counter in the living room at home, and the smartphones and tablets within could see to their own recharging. And the robotic vacuum cleaner in the corner of the room could do likewise.
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    If I'm not wrong... I remembered a student from certain country that study abroad, get killed because he can make a phone charged via signal (his thesis). Reverse energy something like that.
    The case closed without any people arrested. Police claimed that the victim in depression state, and attacked his mentor then commit suicide. But seems lot of fishy matters not solved, and seems military involved in that case.

    This is really too bad.. this technology can change the whole world of phone technology or maybe even more broader.
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    exposure to even more radiation worries me

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