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    I'm selling some mountain bike parts on ebay, as I always do they are listed as shipping to the US only. I have a bidder on my frame who's in Italy, really pushing me to ship it to him, offering to pay me extra for customs paperwork and stuff. Any issues with shipping or dealing with someone internationally-more than US bidders?
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    don't. Or just trust your own initial feeling about it. What do you think? Ask yourself that, then answer it yourself and you will find the only answer that you want to hear.
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    I'm not sure how that's any rate.....are the parts new or used? If new, then from my experience from buying brand new items off of eBay, it is MY (the buyer's) responsibility to pay all brokerage fees and/or tariffs/taxes/duty. You will have to state what it is you are shipping, and if you don't offer to pay those fees, customs will collect their money when it is delivered. It also depends on the value of said items.

    I suggest contacting your post office and ask them, they would probably be the ones who would give the best information on that.

    I've also been one of those people that have pushed a seller to ship an item....chances are they can't find it anywhere else and you're their only hope.....and I didn't mind paying extra either.
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    The Italian ebay scam is just denying the item ever arrived, and getting your money back because PayPal rules in favor of the buyer.

    Insist on a fast, high-cost transport option such as DHL or Fedex with constant status updates and delivery confirmation.
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    A scam is what I am concerned about. I sold a phone to a US seller who said he didn't receive it. Ebay refunded his money through paypal. When I filed an insurance claim with the USPS, they denied it, saying it was delivered. They gave me a signature confirmation, I gave that to ebay and they gave me the money back. It ended ok, but took about 3 weeks. I will tell him Fedex/DEL or no deal.
    He offered $40 over the shipping cost for my time.

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