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    Thought I'd start a new thread since the Mobile Nations Fitness Month (February 2012) has ended.

    For those who wish to relive Fitness Month, here's a handy reference:

    Week 1:

    Week 2:

    Week 3:

    Week 4:

    I figure that this can be an ongoing thread to continue our quests for getting/staying in shape, eating better, and generally living healthier lives. Here we can continue to post our daily progress, our goals for the week, and to encourage and motivate each other.

    So what are you waiting for? Go put on your gym shorts and get fit!
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    I'll start and say that it's been a tough week trying to be active while dealing with a cold. Had a lot of chest congestion which made it difficult to breathe without getting into coughing fits. Fortunately, I'm nearly over it now. The good news from this is that the body is working overtime fighting off the cold. I was really working up a sweat with the various activities - exercise, bowling, walking. More weight has come off as a result.

    From the start of my keeping track of my weight 2 weeks ago, I've lost a total of 8.2 pounds. Plans are to do more exercises this weekend to make up for the skipped days. I'm pleased with the progress made so far. Hope this continues...
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    Morning Cyberpmg. How often you weigh yourself? Last time you mentioned losing 1.5 lbs, and I thought that was for a week? Maybe it was the cold thing you mentioned. Anyway, congradulations on that. Your endurance has really improved dramatically since you started over a month ago.
    I did half of my sets and will finish them in a second. Theres an exercise infomercial on right now, which is telling me finish my reps.
    I didn't walk yesterday. First time since we started I didn't . I tried to, but didn't. So, I'm up early today doing my stuff and planning on walking right away before my body wants to quit working.
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    I try to weigh myself each morning when I get up. I realize that weight can fluxuate day by day, so total weight loss will be based on the reading at the end of the week.

    Did my exercise... was tough today since I'm still getting over the cold (chest congestion) which makes it a bit tough to breathe. Legs were the ones complaining and ran out of energy fast. Had to skip a few routines, but completed the overall exercise.

    Gonna rethink my dinner for tonight. Was planning on a chicken and broccoli pasta, but might switch to a chef salad instead.
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    I weigh about every two weeks. i think it's good for me. I don't have a scale in the house and I I think I'd get obsessive about it it I did. Cyberpmg, don't you bowl on fri's? I didn't see a post about it.
    Are we taking off today? Man, I could say that everyday! Since you just started this thread. I'll try to do something today and post it. (I always struggle for a reason do do my reps. Doesn't matter the reason, as long as I end up doing them!) o.k. did 3 sets of 12 of pushups, crunches, reverse crunches, supermans, and squats.
    The hackathon is today, gonna try now to find it streaming.
    they might be jumping around. check the (i'm sure there's a thread on this in the main boards here.
    as of now it's just channel enyo hackathon
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    I bowl on Mondays and Thursdays. My Thursday scores were 174 + 195 + 127. The last game was rough. Was making pocket hits, but leaving lots of splits. Had 6 splits that game. The whole team was suffering from colds, so we were a sickly bunch to see. LOL!

    Today my cold took a turn for the worse. All stuffy and every joint is achy. Don't see exercise happening today. Rest and liquids is the plan for the day.
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    I am elated.
    Anyway, got up this morning and there's 3 inches of snow everywhere that I have to shovel. It was like nature going "Here you go, winner."
    Read the article in the March 5th Time magazine on "Getting to NO the science of willpower", which is a very heady article. I don't know if the Time App is dead now or if you can still get it, but it was a good read.
    One of the things it mentioned was the "What the Hell Effect" . People set goals, and then when they fail to meet them, they go What the Hell, I already failed, might as well eat the bad stuff, keep spending more money, keep drinking, quit exercising, ect., ect. I had that feeling when I thought the contest was over and I didn't win, and I had to decide "Now what?"
    Well, a couple of us decided we were going to keep going, to bite the bullet, and we were in this for a longer haul. The thread's helped us be accountable and helped motivate us. Giving up wasn't an option. A daily failure was just a daily setback and nothing final. We weren't ready to quit.
    I thought I could take a minute to editorialize, but I'm not Derek, and thank heaven I'm not writing for the front page!
    I shoveled today, did my reps, and it's walking time.
    Hey Cyberpmg. Did that sound pretentious or something?
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    Glad to see there is a forum thread for this. The fitness challenge really helped me stay accountable and motivated. Really excited to keep the momentum going.

    So I am starting two goals for this week. I am going to get serious about my goal to start walking. I plan on just walking around my neighborhood. Hopefully start at a half an hour each day and ramp up from their. Is that the best way to monitor progress or is using miles as a benchmark better.

    My second goal is to finally start getting rid of the junk food. I plan on making sure I am eating right at meal times and keep smart snacks like fruit and celery around for when I really feel a craving.

    Also finally got some more reps of my abdominal exercises in :-) super happy about that. Though I am not sure if that matters.
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    First of all, congrats to all woosh for winning the touchpad bundle and all other winning the touchstone charger.

    well said @woosh "giving up is not an option". I use to give up many times before because of laziness but this time i really stuck with my work out routine because I really got sick and tired of sick and tired of giving up.

    Last weekend I took care of son as my wife is taking some training courses in the weekends so no workouts. And yesterday as usual did 60 minutes of strength training (upper body and abs). It was little difficult yesterday as I changed my regular exercise to different ones (to avoid plateau)

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    Quote Originally Posted by romeytang View Post
    Glad to see there is a forum thread for this. g.

    So I am starting two goals for this week. I am going to get serious about my goal to start walking. I plan on just walking around my neighborhood..
    romeytang, you've been pretty consistent with exercising in here. To me it seems walking is a step back? I was surprised to see you post that, as I remember posts where you were doing like 40 pushups and
    35 squats..... I donnknow, a lot of stuff it seems. I just assumed you were running or something already, but I guess I was wrong. You've met some goals this month, which it pretty cool...
    I know cyberpgm bowls mondays, so maybe that's why he hasn't been around. He had a cold too.
    solaimadhan, I never thought about listing my reps and walking everyday on paper. I've just always come here and posted. I should start that. Anything that helps me tie and and makes it harder for me to quit, is a good thing.
    My body really hurts. Like first day of fitness week hurts. So I'm thinking get an early start on reps and the walk, maybe loosen things up. Then I see it's 19 degreees out!
    19 now, going to be 46 this afternoon, and 61 tomorrow--that's insane. Oh wait, accuweather's telling me it feels like 21, so maybe that won't be bad. Geesh.
    I have to get started with my reps. It's getting late quick.
    (update, finished my sets. This isn't a day I can say "I feel so good now." but I got them done. After lunch, I'll walk.)
    took a few body pics, which I've been doing every few weeks. Who knows, if I'm still hanging in the in april, maybe i'll look at them. Should be some difference in three months, eh?
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    So, for this week, I have bumped up my speed from 5.5mph (on the treadmill, sorry Derek, but treadmills work for me) to 5.6 mph. I am still running for 30 minutes straight. So far, the transition to faster isn't too hard. I didn't expect that it would, but my goal is 6.0mph. And when I make it to that speed, I am sure that I am going to feel it.
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    @woosh, no I haven't been including any type of walking or cardio like activity into my routine before. I've been kinda lazy with my squats lately too, Woops. I have been continuing my daily exercises as well. Got a good 30 minute walk in around my neighborhood yesterday. I got a few hills in my area too so that helped. Feel quite good this morning.

    I've had trouble increasing my number of reps each day but I keep pushing on with what I can physically do. I figure eventually more will come.

    So far so good with the junk food. Felt really hungry yesterday and instead of a bunch of chips or cookies I had a small handful of craisins. Just got to stay on top of the cravings.

    I never really kept track of what I was doing day to day in a log. I may start doing that just so I can track progress better. Maybe I can find a good app for that.
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    I couldn't sleep last night, got up, grabbed the untouched Edy's light ice cream cookie dough and a spoon.
    Two hours later I woke up in the computer chair, staring at the webosnation 'today's posts' page with an empty 1.5 quart container of cookie dough. I guess I can't keep big containers of ice cream around anymore. It's upsetting, to say the least.
    Did my 4 sets of pushups, crunches, reverse crunches, supermans, and squats. Did 14 reps of each.Going walking, and will try to walk a bit further. I'll just try to learn from this.
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    yesterday as usual did my 45 min run on the treadmill. I am seeing my stamina is getting better and better and able to increase my speed to 5.5 mph for few minutes. Anyway the goal is to run 30 min straight, but I am doing 4.5 min of running and 1.5 min of walking and repeating it for 7 times then cooling down.

    so 45 min run, 3.27 miles, 429 calories burnt, incline: 3.0. Avg speed: 4.36mph

    @romeytang: I could not find any app to log all the activities, so using old fashion pencil and paper to log my activities. One thing is that logging my work out really inspiring me and making my commitment and accountability stronger!

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    I finally measured my daily walk with the car today. 1.2 miles. I like it. If I have a short walk or a long one, It's still going to be around a mile. since you guys are running,maybe I'll try some of that tomorrow and see how it goes.

    might as well add my reps here instead of threadcrapping. Did them this morning. Made a nice bowl of oatmeal, fresh strawberries, and a bit of honey. Going walking now instead of after lunch.I'll try a little jogging and see how jarring it is.

    Good luck to everyone today.
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    It is great to see a few still at it! I got sidetracked, but got back out yesterday and walked about a mile with the dogs. I should remember to use the app to track exactly how far. I will do that next time and log it. I want to get into some sort of workout with weights, but I have been having trouble being consistent. My husband is off work next week, so it will be really hard to get something new started then. He walks with me though, so will just keep up with that for now.
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    Hi Tina. You're welcome to post in here every day if you think it might help your consistency. It's worked for me.
    I just did my sets, and am going to go walking. If anyone's wondering, I didn't start running yesterday, I just stayed with my walk. Went out to eat at a school science fundraiser yesteryay. First time I went out to eat in probably a year. I was about to sit almost 2 hours before I got into some serious pain. Maybe the core exercises and walking HAs helped out my lower back?
    Somewhere I'm going to post about Derek. He has a new contest now thats really exciting. It's a chance for the community, for once, having a say in how the open webOS logo is going to look. I just think he does an incredible job......
    Well, see you later, I'm going to do my walks.
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    Well got my walking routine started. Walk for about half an hour around my neighborhood on Tuesday. I made sure to go the long ways so I could get se hills in, def feeling the burn in my legs but I guess that's the point.

    on Thursday I had a scout meeting to go to and instead of driving the 5 blocks or so I took the 10 min walk to and from. Felt great and I am hoping to do the walking every other day. Hoping after a week or so to increase the amount of my walk steadily. What app do you guys use to track how far you're walking?

    I continues my sets again today. Still feeling the burn with my 45 crunches and reverse crunches. Really can't wait till I can do more than 30 pushups :-)

    @solaimadhan maybe ill they that. I try not to use paper much I like to try to live in the electronic world mostly. I started a note in Evernote to just log everything.

    @woosh I used to always pig on ice cream too. Getting it out of the house def helped me. Now u just give myself a small amount maybe once a month as a reward for doing well. Even then only a small amount. That may help if you think you're temptation is strong.
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    Dammit, I just lost my post. Anyway. Did my reps this morning and am meeting with neighbor college boy who is going to help me put up bluebird boxes, dig holes, get garden tidied up, ect. I did my reps beforehand to loosen me up some. The neighbor's a good worker, and it's usually hard keeping up with him.
    Newegg is selling touchpads again, and the forum members at SD are agruing over they are good prices or not.
    good luck on the walk today romeytang. I'll stop in later to see what's up.
    Have a nice one everyone.
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    I weighed myself 10 days ago, I lost two pounds. Today i weighed myself, I gained two pounds. I ate a 1/2 a gallon of ice cream one night and went out to eat another night. Other than that I'm doing more, eating better, and feeling better. I guess I'll try not to think about the weight thing too much, keep trying, and weigh myself in a week.
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