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    Cyber, I', gonna be resentful of doing my sets with you stuffing on lobster tail. Tennessee is a bit land locked for lobster. I'm not sure what you'll be eating.
    Alrighty Toni! Nice to see you. You doing the podcast? It's been so long since I heard about it, I forgot about it. Week 3 is pretty good.What kind of shape were you in when you started? It goes fast whether you do anything or not, so for me I might as well do something.
    Did 2 sets today. I can't get over that hump. It's really tough. Did my walk, and gonna try to jog some of it tomorrow just to see what happens.
    Anyone want to hop in here, you still have time to get in shape for the webOSNation calendar swimsuit photo shoot that's coming up.
    I've been shopping around for a leopard skin thong, but haven't found anything yet.
    Unrelated, anyone know anything about blogs? please pm me. I want to post like a photo a day of stuff and a few paragraphs.
    Alright. Another day. Check it off!
    You plug your phone in?
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    @Toni - Glad to hear you're still working on the Couch to 5k program. Stick with it (at the right speed), and you'll be amazed of the progress!

    @Woosh - Swimsuit issue?? LOL!!! I've lost weight, but would still look like a beached whale (haha). Nothing fancy for meals (that I know of). Will still try to keep it sensible. I'm not buying or taking any snacks with me this year. Will be taking a small cooler and some water bottles (will reuse the bottles each day) as the driving trips and warm weather will give me a workout.
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    Sorta embarrased I forgot Toni was going the couch to 5k. Had a late strat to work, so decided i was going to do 3 sets. And I did get them done. Gonna try to throw some jogging in with my walk today.
    Dodging raindrops here.
    You plug your phone in?
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    Hey everyone! Back from vacation. Time spent in the mountains was good. Great weather, fun roads to drive, and always one great scenic view after another. The fresh mountain air is good for the soul...

    Did my weigh in this morning... only gained 3 pounds from vacation. Not too bad. I was expecting more. Now it's time to get back to the routine of eating right and exercises.

    While at the car club event (vacation), I did win a new golf bag. That's the excuse I needed to dust off the clubs and get out there. Need to hit the driving range first to remember how to hit those silly white things.

    Hope everyone has been staying on top of their own programs. It's raining today. How appropriate for returning to work. LOL
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    Was able to get caught back up at work. Went to a cruise-in to look at some older cars after work (muscle cars and older hot rods). Did well with eating too. Weighed in this morning, and I'm down 2 pounts.

    Hope to get some exercises in tonight.
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    It was tough getting back into doing exercises after vacation, but I did do it. Happy to report I'm now back down to my lowest weight. Wasn't expecting that after having pizza last night. Maybe I've reached the end of the plateau and can finally continue to loose more weight? Only time will tell....
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    Hope everyone had a good weekend! Hope those who are mothers had a good Mother's Day yesterday.

    Got to enjoy the outside this weekend. Did my exercises Saturday, then went out shopping for Mother's Day. After that, did some weeding in the yard (mainly zapping them with round-up), and cleaned up the car. In the evening, I went to a local European car cruise-in at a VW dealership. Sunday was all about Mom as we (Mom, Dad, and I) went out to dinner and then spent the evening at their place.

    Gained 2 pounds from the weekend (not surprising from yesterday), so I hope to see things go down this week. Planning for exercises tonight.
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    Gonna start on week 5 tomorrow... 20mins!
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    @Toni - Awesome! Keep it going!
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    5 km mark in 36mins!

    Just two more weeks to go to get speed up and I'm done!
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    @Toni - That's awesome! Nice to see you reaching your goal.

    Sadly, I've slipped off the health bandwagen. Been busy the past two weeks dealing with car repairs (stuff breaking due to high mileage) and weekend trips to car shows. During this time, I've made some really poor choices in what I'm eating and have not done much with my exercise program. The result is that I've regained almost 8 pounds.

    I need to get back into a healthy habbit. The temptation for summer treats is very strong, and I've seen what it does to me. It's going to be a difficult time to get back to a good routine of eating right and being more active.
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    Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend and welcomed the start to the summer season.

    I'll admit that I've slipped like I said before. I've been getting back on eating better and will be getting back to an exercise routine this week. Fortunately, I've been busy this weekend and sweated off some of the gained weight due to the warm weather here.

    Time for no more excuses and more action. How has everyone else been doing?
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    One more week to go... 30 mins!

    Hopefully after this one I can sustain, gonna move the running outside. It's all been on the treadmill only so far.

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    @Toni - Nice to see only one week to go. Don't be discouraged if you have to do more when you make the move from the treadmill to outdoors. Treadmills can't simulate the nuances found out in the elements (sudden surface changes, weather, traffic, etc.).
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    How's it going in here? I gained a few pounds since I last posted and thought I should stop in and say 'hello'.
    Summer's busy. I'm not sure where I'm going to fit exercises in---but I have to find a way to do it.
    You plug your phone in?
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    Weight for me has been mostly unchanged. Two weeks ago had a lot of beer drinking and poor food choices. There were several farewell events for my boss leaving the company. Sure was tasty beer though... lol

    This week is a wild one. Going to a ballgame tonight, so there's not much in the way of healthy food choices. Travelling to Pittsburgh for training for 2 days. Planning to go see a ballgame while I'm there (ballpark food again). Will be walking around downtown while going to training classes, so that will be some additional activity. Been doing my exercises and trying to make up for the two I've skipped over the past 2 weeks.

    One of my biggest hurdles is dealing with ice cream. A great summer treat, but the loaded sugar has been hurting any progress I've been trying to make.

    Did my exercises early this morning so I can be sure I got them done (because of the ballgame tonight). I got through it, but was hard to really get going from being asleep. Hope to get some more sleep tonight so I can have more energy for tomorrow's workout. Hope to continue Thursday when I get home, but I seem to want to slack off when it gets later in the evening.
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    Got through the week in relatively good shape. Only one pound in weight gain from my week's adventures.

    Didn't get to the exercises Thursday. Was tired from the drive home. Was planning to do exercises Friday, but my car broke down that evening. My time was spent calling AAA and getting it towed to my local repair shop. Fortunately, it's nothing major, and I'll have it back by Tuesday.

    My weekends are now going to be very busy for the next few weeks. This weekend, I'm travelling to a European car show over in Holland, Michigan (a 5-6 hour drive). The following weekend, I'm doing some high performance driving on a road race course at Mid-Ohio (should get a huge workout there). The following weekend is a vacation trop to see friends out of state.

    This probably means I won't be able to stick to the exercise routine every day, but I'm adding additional activities that I hope will help offset the days I'll miss.
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