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    Had an awesome night of bowling... 246 + 240 + 183 = 670

    Also lost a pound, so I'm only one up total for the week. Not too bad to keep things under control.

    Going to be busy with friends tonight and tomorrow. Will try to check in (using my new HP TouchPad keyboard) this weekend.

    @woosh - Keep it up! You're doing great getting through a rough week.

    @Toni - Congrats on getting through the first week!
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    @Toni, pretty cool on the one week anniversary. Stick with it. Nice to see you here.

    @ cyberpmg. You finally got that pound off for the week! Congrats. And congrats on the bowling score.
    I caught a few minutes of "The Return of Frank James", and ended up reading Gene Tierney's page. I'm not an old movie fan, but that Gene Tierney page was an interesting read.
    Anyway, ate something 3 days ago that made me bloat up with water . about five pounds. and it has been a really rough week for everything. Oh, and darnit, it's raining now, and I wanted to finish up cutting grass. Got two reps in, working on the third. Gotta get my routine in.

    (I see my attitude could use an update!)
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    I'm really interested in this stuff, so if anyone knows anything, let me know. It's got a name like a weight-lifting supplement or a designer drug. At 85% less fat, it sounds pretty amazing.

    After a week of beautiful, 50 and 60 degree days, this is in the forecast:
    Tonight: Snow accumulating 3 to 5 inches
    Tomorrow: Snow accumulating 6 to 10 inches.
    Tomorrow night: 2 to 4 inches of snow expected.

    I tried, but was only able to get in 2 of my 3 sets today. Yesterday was the same deal. I've been doing a lot of outside work lately though.
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    Did 2 sets. Going to shovel snow, and will try to do third set afterwards.
    If we really get that 18", I'll have time to watch 'fat, sick, and nearly dead".

    did my third set.
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    Had a great weekend with friends. Also got some activity in (swimming on Friday, and dancing on Saturday). I was wiped out from the weekend. The rainy cold weather didn't help... which had me dozing off and on Sunday. I tried to eat well when I was out with friends. I was able to have a nice huge salad on Friday (with soup and a tiny dessert). Saturday was a breakfast bar (scrambled eggs, bacon, OJ and coffee) and an all you can eat prime rib bar for dinner. Had some veggies from a veggie tray later in the evening.

    Weighed in this morning from the weekend. Lost a pound to make the overall week a zero gain and zero loss. I'm happy with that considering some of the food choices I made.

    @woosh - Be careful out there with the snow. You can get a good workout with shovelling, but it's easy to overdo it. Pace yourself and take plenty of rest brakes (and stay hydrated). I was told from a friend of mine that using Muscle Milk before and after a workout can help protect the muscles and reduce risk of injuries (and feeling sore the next day). I haven't tried it yet, but my friend does and loves it (especially in chocolate).

    Tried out my HP TouchPad keyboard with my TouchPad over the weekend. It worked really well. Has a good ergonomic design and made typing a breese when on an online chat room. Used the special webOS keys to minimize the app to card view and then swipe to other running apps. Only wish there was a nice case that can accomodate the keyboard and TouchPad together. Got many compliments on my TP and keyboard setup.

    No bowling tonight. Have a bowling banquet (end of Monday night season). That means I better get some exercises done later tonight... lol
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    Good thing I did my exercises. The bowling banquet food was very rich. Weighed in and saw I gained a pound.

    More exercising planned for tonight.
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    Thanks for the keyboard review Cyber. In a few weeks, I might be financially solvent enough to get one. Do you use it with your folio at the table? I'm into reclining, so that's why I'm asking.
    That pound has been a real Achilles, Cyber. The last week or so, it comes and goes, comes and goes.
    I was able to manage only 2 sets today. Still, with what I do get done, it does make a difference. I look noticeably better than whenever I posted pics. I'm going to do my walk now.
    Think there's any chance of breathing new life into this thread? I could offer up my $3 chinese touchpad cover as a prize. It's possibly the ugliest cover ever made.
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    I must have hit a plateau. At least I'm not regaining all of the weight I've lost. I'm hoping that this holding pattern will break through soon.

    I'm going to try another skin on my TouchPad. Made a custom GelaSkin using the Audi logo (own an Audi). Will be taking off the Skinomi silver cf skin. Have another one I can go back to if I don't like the GelaSkin.

    I have noticed with the front skin removed, touch sensitivity has greatly increased (noticed when touch typing). Will if the other one reduces sensitivity as well.

    As for the weight... I should be able to get more active with the warmer weather and doing more outside. I just might go dust off the golf clubs and give it a try. Haven't golfed in years. Used to be in a league about 8-9 years ago (more of a hacker than a golfer... lol).
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    Yeah, I haven't golfed in a while either. What a great sport. I miss it. Lasy year, my summer help took up golf and said "woosh, we always hear about how good you were golfing. Here, show us how it's done. They handed me a club and a bunch of balls. You know, I didn't hit one of them.
    So, I need a bit of practice.
    So you weren't crazy about that skinomi.I just raved about them, too. And you have had other skinomi's I think cyberpmg. I'm going to go look into the Gelaskin.
    I did my three sets ,of ten, of the pushups, crunches, reverse crunches, supermans, and squats. Doing my walk now. Hit bad by the storm and had to use a chain saw yesterday for first time. All of them were right handed, and I'm left-handed. Got the job done and no trips to emergency room.
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    I've been lazy. Plain and sinple. Haven't exercised since Monday. By the time I get to do the exercises, I'm tired and lack the energy. I think allergies are not helping. Lots of flowers and trees budding... causing congestion... reducing airflow.. making me sleepy.

    Enough on the excuses. Weight has remained stable (good thing). Tonight is my last night of bowling for the season. Looking forward to tonight. Need to find some other activity to do to fill in the void during the summer.

    @woosh - I like the quality of what Skinomi has to offer. I feel that the thickness of the screen protector is too thick causing the loss of sensitivity when using the touchscreen. I've not had keys register when using the virtual keyboard (even with a firm press over the key). I've also not have some gestures be recognised (the swiping up to go into card view). With the screen protector off, I've regained the loss of sensitivity. I'll see how the Gelskin fairs when it arrives. I may end up doing a mix and match of screen protector and body skin for a solution that works for me.
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    I did my three sets. They were pretty easy today. Cyberpmg, we've been doing this long enough, I bet we could look over our old posts and see cycles. It would be a lot of work, though. That would be a benefit of a graph type app- the visual information.
    The Gelskins certainly look nice. A lot more interesting than the black,white's, and clear's.
    Off for my walk and work. Have a good one.
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    It's friday. some are thinking "why start now? It's the end of the week." Well, because you'll have 2 days to rest up before you start again.
    Or, do your workout through the weekend- I'm gonna be here.
    My reps went well for 2 days in a row. Good luck on yours.
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    Had fun last night at bowling even though I struggled.... 166 + 182 + 199 = 547. Ended on a good note to complete my bowling for the season. This now opens up 2 evenings where I can get my exercises done!

    Will be exercising today and tomorrow to stop being lazy. Weight has remained unchanged (luckily). The only way it's going to keep going down is if I get back on track with the exercises (and to be more active).

    I'm also starting to prepare for a mini vacation next week. Will be leaving on a road trip next Thursday to spend 4 days in the Great Smoky Mountains. I'm expecting to eat well and enjoy the time away... then to get back into the exercise program and try to get the weight loss going again. I've had enough of no change.
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    Sets and walk done. Will probably be doing more, as my furnace broke down and the part doesn't come in 'till tuesday.
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    Wobbly day. Did 2 sets. gonna try to walk now. With Cyberpmg doing on vacation, the future of webOS looks more certain than the future of this thread. It's been an incredible journey .
    I'm wondering it there's a father/mother of webOS. Do I have to trace it to palm, or do I have to go back to the Linux kernal?
    I need to get some irisin.
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    While I am going on vacation later this week, my FrankenPre and Touchpad (and accessories) are going along for the trip. I won't have much access (wi-fi or cell) during most of the day, but will check in during the evenings when I'm at the resort (yea for free wi-fi!).

    Got some activity this weekend. While Saturday was rather cold and rainy, Sunday was surprisingly warm (mid 60s) and sunny. Enjoyed Sunday and did some work in the garage.

    Weighed in this morning, and I've lost 2 pounds! I'm now back to my max weight lost. With bowling done, I'm planning for exercises tonight and maybe tomorrow. Maybe this is the end of the plateau and the continuance of more weight loss.

    Had a happy moment yesterday. Put on a lightweight jacket, and felt and noticed room in the jacket around my belly. It used to be a tight fit when zipped up. Now there's some room and can more around more with it on.
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    That's pretty good you lost 2 pounds. You must be watching what you eat. I gained a pound, but the thread taught me not to worry too much about that. It does focus my attention and I re-evaluate things. Did my reps-late, actually I didn't think too much about them until I logged on. My back sounds like bubble wrap when I do reverse crunches, but it must not be too bad for me-I've been doing them a few months now.
    I think I'll post up until I'm the only one posting, and then if you want to start a thread when you return, I'll join you.
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    We can keep it going in here since this is all about us getting into better shape and in better health. Don't loose faith... I'll pop in while I'm out to see how you're doing... I'll try to do some exercises (pushups, situps, maybe squats) while in the comfort of my room. Might help keep me in check too.
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    Did my exercises last night. Weight remains the same (not checking the fractional numbers). Today is my virtual Wednesday for the work week. Getting exited to go on vacation!

    Will do more exercises tonight and begin packing for my trip.
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    Hitting week 3 already and still going. Not too shabby.


    I realized just now I was making a huge mistake. My running speed I kept setting it to 8 mph, which is WAY too fast for couch to 5k, which explains why i'm panting like a dog.

    Need to get it down back to average 6 mph. But at least I can sustain 3 mins now.
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