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    I got a mile in this morning. I am glad I did early, because it looks like a storm is coming in. I don't know if it is the weather or what, but I am feeling lazy today. Already got a small walk in so I guess I am allowed.

    Have fun bowling cyberpmg!

    Woosh - are you doing the glycemic diet with Weight Watchers or something like that? Or are you going by a book? I am sure it is healthy, just need discipline. Is your wife on board? That would definitely help!

    Have a nice evening everybody.
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    You got your walk in tina. hey wait. how small was that walk?
    The three of us have to find some online video thing we can do together. We'd have to be sworn to secrecy though, because that stuff would be hilarious if it was ever leaked to youtube.
    Oh, yeah, it's bowling night already? that was quick. Good luck.
    Tina, I'm on the 'talking about it' part of the diet. I'm in the 'Wikipedia' phase. And my wife? She left me years ago. I'm too much man for one woman. And i just realized I said that in a thread where we are talking about weight. I'm a chick magnet with reversed polarity. I have no idea what that means.
    I almost forgot to post today. So I didn't walk, but maybe I'll be able to do it tonight yet.I bought nonfat yogurt and low fat fudgesickles today. I was so happy with finding them that I ate two of each! Tomorrows my usual blowout day and I'm already dreaming of linguini and white clam.(I thought that was low carb, but i forgot about the linguini). I'll have to give up cereal for the low carb thing. It will take me a week or two to gear up for that.
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    Bowling started out good, but ran ouf ot gas in the last game... 193 + 215 + 168 = 576 Had 2 splits in the last game, so it was a struggle to recover from them.

    Lost another pound in today's weigh-in. Hopefully today's workout will get me back to the week's starting weight (only one more pound) and maybe more as I'm planning for exercise for the next 3 days (actually 4 if you include Monday after bowling).

    Think I might cheat a little and have some of that chocolate bunny.....

    @iamtina - Glad to hear you got your walking in. The weather has been crazy. Finally getting warmer weather.. but chances of rain to go with it here.

    @woosh - Good idea to seek something else to take care of the back. You don't want to become dependant on those pills or patches. I could really go for some chicken fettuccinei alfredo... LOL. Guess we should all have a blowout day every once in a while (but not too often). Keep up the great work on the reps!
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    Cyberpmg, congrats on the pound. Watch out for ants on that bunny ear.Those splits at the end of bowling can ruin it all. I think you mentioned about changing your routine a few days ago. I'm pretty happy with mine. Every now and then I'll have an easy day and think "These sets aren't doing anything.", but most days I feel they're doing something. Oh yeah, I did my sets earlier.
    Today, I'm picking up asparagus,blueberry, apple, and a lilac I ordered.I had the neighbor dig the holes for them last week Have a little pushmowing to do. I better do my walking before the mowing- walking's a pretty stressless way to limber up.
    Let's see what tina does today.
    I wonder if those hardcore guys that used to post are sticking with it?
    It's friday. Another week of exercises done.I'm going to do another set because i talked too long.
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    I want to thank the movie 'coneheads' for helping me do my reps today. The movie was so bad, I turned it off and thought exercises have to be less painful than this.
    Did my reps And did 3 sets of sit ups today. I can't do them all the time, but I like to try to get a few reps of thosein a week. I better get out walking before the rain hits us.
    Good luck to everyone.
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    Glad I have a thread to post exercise stuff in.

    Anyway, I was so high from sugar last night. nonfat ice cream, non fat cookies, non fat yogurt. All of them loaded with sugar. And I knew what I was doing and didn't care. But it feels bad afterwards though, and I have a sugar hangover today. I was sloppy with eating decent all week, and it ended in this binge. So, I did my reps, going to post and do an extra set if I can, then it's off to walk as far as I can.
    I hope everyone had a good weekend.
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    Hope everyone had a good weekend. Lucked out with great weather here.

    I guess I've been a bit of a slacker this past week. Picked up my car from work on Friday, but stayed around chatting and didn't realise the time gone by. By the time I got home for dinner, it was already past 9pm. Won't exercise immeidately after eating, so no exercises that night. I was able to do exercises on Saturday. Sunday was spent outside (well... out in the garage with the door up) working on the car (changing out my winter wheels and tires with my summer wheels and tires. Worked up a good sweat doing that.

    For my weigh-ins. I gained 2 pounds for all of last week. I'll blame the chocolate eggs. This morning, I'm down a pound. First time my weight has gone down after a day of home cooking at my parents house. I usually go up a pound or two. That makes for a good start to the week.

    Plan to do exercises after bowling tonight (last night of bowling for the season on Mondays). Only other night I can do exercises this week will be Wednesday night and Sunday. Have guests visiting Friday and Saturday, and visiting a friend on Tuesday (with bowling on Thursday).

    @woosh - Coneheads would drive me to go do exercises too... LOL So would the movie... The Burbs. Even when that came out, I could only take the first 15 minutes of it.
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    You social butterfly Cyberpgm! Sounds like a decent week besides the exercise part. That might be tough spending time with friends and watching what you eat. You have a plan?
    I did my reps, and am going to cut grass before the rain. The reps were so hard this AM. I think if I took a weekend off, come monday, I'd be starting all over again.I don't know why that is. Having 2 boca burgers with fake cheese on them for lunch. They aren't bad with enough catsup and mustard.
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    woosh, I need to keep a close eye on portion sizes to keep things in check. I think I'll still do well with healthy meals. Just had a chef salad for lunch... and probably some soup for dinner. I may try to do some push ups, sit ups, and squats for Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings to at least get something in this week.

    Kind of seems to me that my weight loss has reached a plateau as I've been hovering around the same weight for a few weeks. I've been told by others that this does and will happen... just don't get discouraged and give up. So I'll continue and hope the weight loss picks up again. I'm really happy with how far I've gone, but there's still a lot left to loose. My next huge hurdle would be to get below 300 pounds (currently at 325 - give or take). If I can do that, it will be the lightest I've weighed since my early 20s (20 years ago).
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    Hi guys. Had a great time Saturday. It was drizzling all day but played in it anyway. Hiked a little, jogged my 1/8 mile again, played Frisbee. I know 1/8 mile does not sound like much, but it is something.

    Sunday I didn't get in too much activity, but today hopefully after work I can get in a nice walk. It looks like a nice day.

    I had a piece of chocolate fudge cake with my coffee for breakfast. Is that bad? They say you should never skip breakfast. Have a nice Monday!
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    @iamtina - Chocolate fudge cake for breakfast? You may be onto something...

    Had my final night of bowling for the season on Monday. It was a fun day and nothing serious. It was a 9 pin tournament (bowl 9 on the first ball, and it will count as a strike). All 3 games were in the low 200s. Nothing big enough to win any prizes, but fun anyway.

    Didn't get to do any exercises afterward. Don't know if it's because it's too late at night or if I'm subconsciously avoiding it. Weight stayed the same this morning which is good.

    Visiting a friend tonight that's been going through some really tough health issues. Probably won't get home until late (and most likely straight to bed).

    Need to hose out and scrub the garage floor. It has tons of grime from the winter. I think that will be my wednesday exercise as I will need to work hard on the scrubbing to break the grime up off the floor. I know it takes about an hour and gets me going in a good sweat.
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    Everyone's doing pretty good. (well, there IS that chocolate fudge cake for breakfast thing....Better to have it at breakfast than bedtime I guess.)
    People have said that plateau thing to me Cyber. Really, good luck with your portion's. I'd love to be here when you lose that 25.
    I don't know if pushing a mower or riding on one is harder on me. Cutting grass is part of my job, so I have to figure out what I need my helper to do.
    Anyone else have siblings who have all these 'better ideas' but never do anything? Oh, I can't tell you how much they frustrate me.
    Sorry for so negative, but it's a huge stresser. I put fertilizer down, the next week when I'm not around, he puts fertilizer down. I'm not even going to get into it any more.Working for the family...worse idea I ever had.
    Hope your day is stress free- good luck tina and cyber. Will probably see you both tomorrow.
    And I finished my reps. walk time
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    Hey tina, what have you put cool on your CM9? One of these nights I'm going to install it.
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    Visiting my friend last night was good. Put her into a good mood... which she needed since she's been having lots of health issues (including congestive heart failure).

    Weighed in today... and lost a pound! That was a nice surprise.

    Will be interesting to see if any weight gained by tomorrow morning. Will be "exercising" tonight by cleaning the garage floor (lots of scrubbing). Before that, I'm going to a car club gathering at a nearby Sonic. Cheese covered tater tots is healthy, right?

    @woosh - How's the keyboard? Been doing anything with the TouchPad yet?
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    I don't know where they day went. Glad you posted cyberpmg. Just seeing something motivated me to do my sets this morning. Then the day got busy and i forgot to post.
    I never got around to getting the keyboard. I should have done the Amazon deal. Let me know how it's working out for you.
    I'm cutting a pineapple ATM. It's a good one too!
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    I enjoyed my time hanging out with friends last night at Sonic. Even got a coupon for a free combo meal, so dinner was free. You know the saying... "Nothing in life is free"? Well, I paid for it when I weighed in this morning... up 3 pounds (up 2 pounds overall for the week so far). I don't think there was anything healthy on Sonic's menu... LOL

    I'm sure glad I've been avoiding fast food. It's amazing to see what happens from a single meal.

    Have bowling tonight, so that will help some.
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    I believe that. I believe the fast food can make a difference really quick. So, you went from hoping to be a pound short to 3 up. aha. well, at least you think you know the reason why. But now you have a coupon! It's a conspiracy! It sorta stinks that you can't just cheat and have a no-penalty day. (as far as weight goes.)
    I did my first set this morning,and then it was "oh sh&#, I can't move." I was stuck on the floor for a minute, now I'm gonna wait a sec and try my other sets of reps.
    If anyone is breezing through this thread and want's to post their daily exercises, that would be cool.

    edit. finished my reps. weren't as bad as the first.
    When's this contest over? I wanna quit for awhile
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    Actually I was given the coupon while standing in line to place the order... so I used it right away.

    The contest doesn't end until I can get below 300 pounds*

    *contest subject to extend without further notice.
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    O.K. Well, I did my part and did my reps this morning. I did them while listening to nervous norvus "dig". I don't know what that means. I've had a hard time the last few days with 'things' not working out and me being frustrated. But I did get my reps in, now it's time for my walk.
    Tina hasn't been seen since she put CM9 on. They might want to put a warning sticker on CM9 "Warning, this leads to a lot of fun."
    I'll be posting this weekend to keep me honest.
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    I actually downloaded Learn to Run and started the 5k program this week. Completed my first week this morning, and my phone decided to play "Still Alive" to play me off.
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