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    I put the new touchpad back in the box last night and accidentally turned it on for the first time. "Oh noes" says me, "I'm not ready for this". So I went in to a dark room and checked out the screen. It's much nicer than my original, as mine has some bleeding on the screen and cracks galore. I'm checking into the battery life threads and cyanogenMod threads-so it was a 'sign' when "How to Cyanogen" came up on the front page yesterday. I'm waiting until I get my cases and screen protectors in before I mess with it much. Dr. Battery says the health of my original is at 93%
    (my pics had been up long enough, so I took them down. I'll keep taking weekly pics though.)
    I did my 3 sets of 10 each of push-up,crunches, reverse crunches, supermans, and squats today. And then I'll do my daily walk.
    I know you saw the pics before Cyber, but there's still a few people that stop in here and I really wanted to post them! I'll leave them up a few days I think I told the story too many times, but I couldn't move before. I still don't really know what I'm doing as far as exercise goes. I've been taking pictures every week or two. I think I took pictures "just in case something happened".
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    Hi everyone. Sounds like some fun with new Touch Pads! Congrats to the winners! You guys deserve it.

    I took Sunday off but got in 2 miles Monday. Saturday I did a lot of driving so didn't get to go for a walk. I live where it takes 2 hours to get to the WalMart. So besides sitting behind a computer, I am sitting in a vehicle. That is why I like to get out and walk so much. Give my back side a rest. I am going to try to get out this afternoon a bit. Looks like a beautiful day!

    So much inspiration when I read your posts! Keep up the great work and enjoy those new toys! When I get a little time I am going to try the CM9 on my Touch Pad. Another fun use for my TP!

    Have a nice Wednesday.
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    Got my exercises in yesterday (to make up for Monday). Good thing too as my weight had jumped up 4 pounds since Sunday. This morning, it went back down 1/2 pound. Could have been more, but had a tasty steak dinner last night with my parents.

    Today is Opening Day for baseball. The building cafeteria has a special baseball menu for lunch... hot dogs and fries, cracker jacks, nachos and cheese, etc. Things you would normally find at a ballpark. While I am in a baseball mood, I'm going to try to behave and stick to a salad for lunch.

    More bowling tonight, so exercises will be done Friday (to make up for Tuesday), Saturday (to make up for Friday), and Sunday (to make up for Saturday). This will get me back on track for my exercise schedule.

    @iamtina - good luck installing CM9! I might do that later. For now, I want to get maximum use in webOS with my FrankenPre 2 and TouchPad together.

    @woosh - great results from the photos! That's a noticeable difference. I don't have any photos to share, but I can say this... I can fit 4 fingers into the waist of my jeans (stacked out away from me) and 2 fingers in my dress pants. Soon I will need a smaller belt (already on smallest hole) and smaller pants. All of the 3X shirts are comfortable and starting to feel a bit loose. Slowly getting back to 2X sized shirts.

    "Take me out to the ball game..."
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    I hope you're taking pics for yourself Cyberpmg. You've lost more weight than anyone in here. I'm not saying post 'em, because I really had to think about that. But, I would never notice the difference if i didn't take pics. For me, I can look at the pics and say "I did that. No one can take that away from me" And I'm a hero in my own book.
    I lost 30 pounds in three months this year and if I would have known I was going to do it, i would have taken pics. I know it's been a long roller coaster ride for you, and I'm a lightweight (unintentional pun). It's been important to me though.
    Anyway, good luck with the baseball menu. All that junky food! For us people who's metabolism isn't like an 11 year olds, they should rename it "Fatness Day". I'd be so conflicted! My brain would be saying "You should be a good American and eat all that stuff." Good luck man. Congrats on discovering the extra room in the pants. That's a great realization when you go "OH WOW"
    Tina's installing CM9? I was going to try to keep up with Cyber, but Tina if you're doing it....well, let me know how it goes and what you can do. And you'll probably walk your dogs today.
    Sh*&JUt I got to talking and forgot i have one more set to do.
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    I am back at last guys! Looks like this thread is active all time.. that is very good

    @woosh: you look great in the after picture.. 30 pounds in a year.. wow excellent.. keep going. Also congrats on your new touchpad. yea ipad 2 is good and it is my wife's. so no way she is going to give away

    @cyberpmg: your bowling scores are really great.. Usually I reach similar score level in my Wii game

    I could not hit the gym on Monday, but did 30 min of running on Tuesday and 1 hour of strength training yesterday. My weight is same all the time (149-150) , no gain no loss... so i think I am good. And my wife's parents are here to spend the next 6 months with our son.. so yea no more baby sitting..

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    "Wife's parents moving in for six months..." I just better not touch that.
    Anyway! I did my reps and doing my walk.
    I seem to have an answer for every post, but it's just what's worked for me. I hope it doesn't seem arrogant.
    Anyway, big day here- we are waiting for cyberpmg's bowling scores to be posted!
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    Bowling didn't go so well last night.... 174 + 192 + 161 = 527 I was getting a lot of splits which made things a struggle to get good scores. I'll put the blame on weird lane conditions (lanes 1 and 2 are usually different reacting than the other lanes) and be happy with that.

    Did my morning weigh in. My weight pattern seems to be following what happened last week. I had gained 4 pounds at the beginning of the week, and I'm now down 2. If the trend continues, I should be down another 2 tomorrow with the new weight loss for the week to be viewed on Sunday morning.

    Have a half day of work today, but will be visiting a friend in the hospital in the afternoon. She's been suffering from congestive heart failure and has had difficulty breathing. She's under good care, so I'm stopping in to visit and cheer her up.

    Will be doing my exercises tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday. It's been nice sunny weather even if the temperature has been cool (low to mid 50s - but more normal for early spring).

    Hope everyone has a Happy Easter weekend!
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    Yeah, it's a beautiful day here too Cyber. Too bad about all those splits you had!
    Did my reps this morning, walked, did some outside stuff. Feeling pretty good!
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    Getting off to a decent start this morning.The first 2 sets were rough, but the third, and then I did a fourth were , well, not easy but not hard.
    Anyway, let me get on the bandwagon and say happy easter to all. I never realized how popular easter was, but everyone in the stores is "Happy Easter". Maybe people are just happy to see spring here.
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    I forget where I left off. Thursday I walked 2 miles, Friday none - lots of driving, Saturday went to a dog park with the dogs and ran around and played frisbee - lots of fun, Sunday none.

    Saturday night I put ICS on my tablet. I really like it and it went really smooth. You have to Google for the app store "gapp" to add to the folder so you can use the Play Store and other Google features, which was really easy to do. Cannot use the microphone or camera on the Android side, but everything else works that I have tried. Had a hiccup with the wifi, but it is working now. Hopefully that gets smoothed over. That is really my only complaint. It does suck the battery, but I have the touchstone charger for the tablet, so not too big a deal. I think the interface is beautiful. You can swipe left to right between emails in Gmail, is one thing I really like. I have the Koi pond live background, which is beautiful. Anyway - nothing to do with working out or diet. There is an app called Workout Trainer that I like that has a free version in the Android market or Play Store (hate the new name).

    Hope all had a nice weekend!
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    Thanks for the 'Workout Trainer' tip. Maybe I'll put the sandwich on next weekend. I suppose the android link at the top of the page will take me to the best forum. I'll have to look and see if people have had problems with paid apps dissappearing.I bought a bunch of audubon stuff over the winter and haven't had a chance to use it outside yet.
    I still haven't been able to decide on a skin color for my 2nd TP--so I made a donation to two developers instead. (I don't think there's any logic in that, so don't even try to figure it out).
    I had a nice weekend. Got a lot of gardening prep stuff done, and started about 20 varieties of tomatoes last night.
    Did my reps. Going to walk later. I think my reps are really important even if they only stretch my body and warm me up for the day ahead.
    Good luck to everyone today.
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    Did my exercises Saturday, but got lazy on Sunday and skipped them. No additional weight lost for last week, but no weight gained either. Gained 2 pounds from this morning's weigh-in which has been following the last 2 week's cycle.

    Will be bowling tonight and plan to exercise after I get home.

    Got a small Easter basket, so I need to somehow manage and controll any chocolate egg intake. Don't want to overdo it like I have in the past.

    I put my Skinomi silver cf skin on my Touchpad over the weekend. The front clear screen protector is awesome. It's super clear and smooth. The back cf skin makes the tactile feel of the TP feel much better and less plasticy. I did use my blow dryer to get the edges to lay down which worked for the side edges, but I'm still feeling edges sticking out on the corners. Also got my HP TP cover and case that are on sale on HP's site. Both are great fits and appears to have great combined protection.

    Back to health and fitness.... I'm wondering if I need to start looking to do more activity. Maybe do some pushups, situps, and squats first thing in the morning? I've been doing good with the cardio fast track on my EA Sports Active 2 program on my wii. There's a few of the exercises I still find to be difficult. I'm trying to get better posture doing squats (lean too far forward now). Also related to squats, I seem to lack the range to do split squats (can't get knees to 90 degrees). Can't keep my legs to stay off the ground when fully extended when doing reverse crunches.

    Bought new jeans and belt that are a size smaller Need to keep the weight loss going. Want to be comfortable fitting into a size 2X shirt (have some room in it). Need to really loose the spare tire which is where most of the fat lies.
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    Well I don't have to worry about having those foil wrapped chocolate eggs. Came home from bowling to find the Easter basket filled with ants crawling all over them. Yuck! Had to throw out the basket contents (and all of the ants). Managed to salvage the chocolate bunny (air tight plastic seal), and two small plastic bunnies... one filled with regular M&Ms and the other filled with peanut butter filled M&Ms. Also saved my bag of Starbucks coffee (breakfast blend whole beans). This wasn't the solution I was looking for (never got a chance to have one chocolate egg), but it's probably for the best. LOL!

    Needless to say... I was busy cleaning up when I got home from bowling and didn't get to exercise... but I did go down a pound in this morning's weigh-in. That's a first to see a loss during the beginning of the week.

    Bowling was ok last night.... 194 + 204 + 182 = 580. My team ended up in 3rd place for the 2nd half of the season. A huge improvement over last place that we were in at the end of the 1st half (and only having 3 people on a 4 person team).

    Barring any weird and unplanned situations, I'm planning to get my exercises in today.
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    Cyberpmg - Congrats on dropping a size. Amazing about the ants rescuing you from all that horrible chocolate candy.

    I did not get out for a walk yesterday, buried in work. Still trying to catch up today and it is so windy, it literally is impossible to stand up straight. Tomorrow is supposed to have a rain storm, possible snow Thursday, and possible rain Friday. Guess I will have to do some indoor exercising.
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    Cyberpmg, Too bad on the Easter chocolates, glad you save a few, but what a bummer! Congrates on moving down a size. Man, that's fantastic. And I didn't know you returned to Sports Active 2, so that's really cool! Really, that's great man! Thanks for the info on your skinomi, good description. I'm not sure if you really love the silver cover,(haven't ordered mine yet as you can tell).
    iamtina, yeps, sound like you have to find some indoor stuff to do. Do you have equipment or an exercise game or something?
    I did two sets of reps today and didn't walk. Hurt my leg somewhere like around like the hamstring. I don't know what I did. I don't remember doing anything to pull it. Couldn't do anything today. will try resting it I guess.Hurts pretty good. Visited mom, weighed myself, dropped 1 1/2 pounds, and had 2 black forest ham sandwiches she had got for easter.It had been so long since I had ham and it was sooo good on home made rolls.
    You're down a size, cyber, that made my day!
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    Learned something last night.... never haver beer with dinner if you plan to later do exercises in the evening. It made me sleepy and my tummy a little bit upset, so no exercises done. Went up a pound in this morning's weigh-in... but only a 2 pound overall gain at the start of the week instead of the 4 pound gain like the previous 2 weeks. I'd say that's encouraging.

    Woke up this morning to find snow everywhere! At least it won't last as temps will climb back into the 40s later today. Spring though is truly here. The annual spring flower - the orange road construction barrel - has now appeared along the main portion of my daily commute to work. So much for a quick and easy way to work! LOL

    Planning for exercises tonight.

    Something I've noticed lately... Seems that my posture is improving. I'm sitting up taller and bending more at the hips and knees. Also noticing that I'm doing the same more when bowling too. I like that since that can lead to less stress on the back.

    @woosh - Sorry to hear you've injured your leg. Make sure to do proper stretches both before and after exercises to reduce risk for injuries.

    @iamtina - I'm sure you'll be able to find some indoor activity to do during bad weather. Who knows... the dogs might work out with you going up and down stairs.
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    Did my reps. so far so good. Maybe I rushed them yesterday, maybe it was the steps idk. I was really worried there. I'm going to try to pay attention to what I'm doing today.
    Good luck to everyone.
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    I'm looking into the glycemic index. Anyone use that? I don't know much about it yet.
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    I was able to get out today a little bit. It was cold and windy so we played Frisbee for about 5 minutes and I actually ran, only about 500 or 600 feet, and then walked back. The dogs liked it. Because I sit and type for a living I will do squats or stretches throughout the day. Just whatever I feel like, nothing regimented. I have several workout videos that I do sometimes. I like my walks because the dogs can go with. I find that much more inspiring.

    the glycemic index ~ I think that is the same as a lot of the different protein diets, like the zone diet. Atkins takes it a bit further, but they are all run very similar. They have worked for me when I follow it.. I am getting older so maybe it will get harder. I probably should focus more on my diet, but it takes more time and preparation, or at least that is my excuse.
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    Did most of my exercises yesterday. Started to feel a little twinge in the right achilles tendon, so I backed off on those moves that involved a lot of movement Eventually was able to stretch and walk out the twinge, so it wasn't anything serious. No weight gain or loss from this morning's weigh-in.

    Tonight is another round of bowling. Exercises continue on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
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