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    Yeah Tina, crazy weather. I had 3 peach trees in full bloom yesterday-thousands of blooms- and then it went down to 23 last night. I won't get one peach from those trees this year. Pretty sad.
    Glad you are starting again Cyberpmg. I didn't doubt you would.
    I'll make a toasted bagle with eggbeater, 98% fat free ham, fat free mayo and throw on the fat free cheese sometimes.But I mostly do steel cut oatmeal in the AM. It's good, it makes you feel full for awhile. I bought a box of healthy cereal and unhealthy but delicious cereal this week, as I was going to mix them. The unhealthy cereal is gone, the bran flakes are unopened, and I have nothing to mix them with.

    I almost forgot. I lost three pounds since mar 11th. But mar 11th I had gained weight. Still, for the month, I lost a half a pound. I'm putting all this stuff on my phone now. It was easy to remember when I was just losing, but when I gained, it got too confusing. Speaking of confusing, I weigh myself over at my mom's on her fancy digital scale. It's not as accurate as it's high tech design suggests. I have to weigh myself 4 or 5 times before I get a average reading.
    Did my reps, and I've been doing situps instead of crunches the last two days. I know sit ups are bad for me, but the crunches didn't seem like they were doing anything.Walk time!
    Unrelated: I grow garden stuff from seed, so I'll be starting seeds up this week.
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    Being accountable on here helps to have goals and pursue them, but what really works is having two high-strung dogs that will not let me get anything done until I go do something with them.
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    Hey all,

    last week was ok week for me, did only 3 sessions. Because of interview schedule i have to miss couple of sessions. Anyway this week I am back. I did 45 min of running/walking (mostly running) yesterday and burnt around 400 calories. Felt really good. Today did 1 hour of strength training (lower body and abs). 2/5 for this week so far.
    Even though I did not hit gym last weekend, I walked with my wife and kids for at least 40 min.. so yea did some kind of activity! weather in atlanta is getting warmer and warmer, I have to turn on a/c and the fan to keep myself cool during workout!!

    @Derek: that was a nice work you did in your garden.. really cool and looks beautiful.

    @cyberpmg looks like you are on track now..thats great..
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    Hey alll....

    I'm diappointed today. Weighed in this morning, and it looks like I've regained 4 pounds. I know weight fluxuates day by day, but I've now seen a 2 pound gain Monday morning, stable Tuesday, and another 2 pounds this morning.

    The good news is that my ears are mostly opened up now, and the coughing is much less. I'm hoping this can finish up by the end of the week. Still eating healthy (avoiding fast food, fried food, soft drinks, snacks).

    I think I'm going to have to skip the beer. Went out to dinner with some friends last night. Had 2 beers and a nice cobb salad. When I got home to do my exercises, my stomach wasn't feeling well. Skipped on the exercises in fear of loosing my dinner during the process. Today was a planned rest day, so I'll do the exercises instead tonight.

    @woosh - Forgot to say congrats on your accomplishment in driving the Jeep and being able to recover so quickly. I'm sure the exercises have been a major cause to your success.

    @iamtina - You've got 2 fitness coaches! There's a lot of healthy benefits having pets. Sounds like you have some winners!

    @Derek - Nice work on the garden!

    @solaimadhan - looks like you've got a good workout routine going. congrats again on the new job!
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    I know what you mean Cyber. I can really put forth the effort, do the right things, feel good about myself, step on the scale and just go ***. There's probably a million reasons for it. All I can do is honestly look at what I've been doing, tweek it if I need to, and keep doing what I'm doing.I lost a 1/2 pound this month That's pitiful. But this is the lightest I've been in ten years. And I have some mobility-which I didn't have when the fitness contest started. There's a lot of benefits, but I want to judge everything by that weight number.
    You haven't exercised regularly in a while, because of being sick. It's going to take a little effort getting back into a routine, so don't entertain that frustration too long. Don't invite that failure into you house and make it something to eat!
    I did my reps today and walked. And the sky got black and it poured, and today I turned into a runner.
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    Reps? No problem. for some reason, they went pretty easy today. 37 degrees out, so have to dig the winter coat out again for the walk.
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    Was able to do my exercises last night. Weighed myself this morning, and it's down a pound. Heading back in the right direction.

    No exercise tonight... but will be bowling.
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    I watched the P90X infomercial, does that count? J/k. I walked a mile and played Frisbee with the dogs yesterday, switching arms so I don't get lopsided. Today I got in 2.5 miles!

    Cyberpmg: I give myself a 5-pound margin. Eating something salty can cause water retention which can put on the pounds quick. I find drinking more water causes less water retention. Beer actually dehydrates, so maybe drink a glass of water between each beer or at least 1:1 ratio and see if that helps.

    Keep up the good work everybody! I am going to be very active this weekend and away from the computer, so have a nice weekend!
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    Another good bowling night... 207 + 267 + 184 = 658

    Weighed myself again this morning, and I'm down another pound. That's also from having 2 light beers last night during bowling. I think that the key is to try and do some sort of activity every day. Before, my body was actively fighting off the bronchitis 24x7. Now, it's basically back to normal, so I need to do something else to be active.

    Have my exercises planned for tonight and tomorrow. I'll have to think about what activity to do on Sunday. Maybe do the stairs from the main floor to the basement a few times.

    @iamtina - I've seen the P90X commercials too. That looks like an intense and serious workout... something where you almost need to be in shape before starting the program.

    @woosh - Keep up the reps!

    Have a good weekend everyone!
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    Good Morning people,

    first of all I am great to see everyone is keeping their reps going, awesome and just keep up guys. Yesterday I did my 1 hour strength training after skipping a day. Looks like this week i will be doing only 3 sessions as I have to go out of town in the weekend...

    by the way, i receive my touchstone charger for my touchpad yesterday in the mail.. thank you Derek and the webos nation for the awesome prize. @woosh, did you get your touchpad?

    And yesterday my employer gave me a new ipad 2 as a gift because I have been working with them for the last 5 years. so heavy competition in my home: 2 touchpads vs 1 iPad 2. My wife really likes her iphone and now this makes her perfect match. I usually use all of them.

    Alright guys, i will be off for few days in this forum and until then everyone keep continue doing their good reps.

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    PX90 infomercial? Just checked it out. I agree with Cyber. I watched Worlds Biggest Loser for the first time this week. That's a good show.
    Cyber, you've been on a winning stread the last few weeks with bowling. And I'm glad you have a plan for tonight and tomorrow. Looking forward to your Sat. post.
    I DID get the touchpad! I took a million pictures of just the box! With the WebOS Nation return address, me peeking in the box, ect.ect. the pics go on forever.Solaimadhan, you got an ipad 2 too? Man, you should have played that megalottery. Why don't you put that ipad up as a prize in this thread? Some of us need a bit of motivation! Cyberpgm, you are going to have to tell your story!
    So, yes, I got the touchpad bundle, and I'm obsessing over what color Poetic TPU case to get.There's no cracks on that touchpad- that was like the first thing I checked out. My old touchpad is held together with superglue and a skinomi skin.
    And, I did my walk this morning,reps tonight, (versus morning), then went out to eat and got a pork chop. What was I thinking? I'm eating this fatty porkchop with company knowing this is more fat than I've had in a year. The good news is, it seems to be going straight through me. That's also the bad news.
    I took pics when the thread first started, and I definitely look thinner. i have to keep it up though.Not ready to quit on them.
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    It's 11 pm and I don't think I'm going to get my reps in. But I did spend 6 hours raking leaves with an 18 year old. I kept up with him pretty good.It was a beautiful day.
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    Good morning everyone. I did my 3 reps of 10 of my 5 exercises. I don't know if I said that right. I bet there's a better way to say it.
    Came back from work yesterday, washed clothes, and the rinse cycle water was as brown as the wash cycle. Turned on the facuet, brown water. They must have worked on the lines or something. I bought a gallon of water, (so many kinds now, distilled, drinking, spring, ect.)And the point I'm trying to make is: I drink a lot of water. I always have a one quart glass pitcher in the fridge. That's when I started drinking a lot, when I put a container of water in the fridge.The gallon I bought last night now has a 1/2 gallon left.
    Hey! Maybe I have Hyponatremia. The warning signs include disorientation and confusion. Seems to explain a lot.

    Good luck to anyone who hasn't taken the day off.
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    Just peeking in during the weekend....

    Got my TouchPad Touchstone charger from the contest. Bought a TouchPad off of eBay (gotta put the Touchstone to use!). Waiting for delivery.

    Did my exercises on Friday. Skipped yesterday, and doing them today. Weighed in this morning. Not only have I lost the 4 pounds I've gained, but have also lost an additional 3 pounds! That now makes the grand total loss of 31 pounds.

    Have a good Sunday!
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    Good thing I did the exercises Sunday. Gained a pound when weighing in this morning. Could be normal. Could be from Mom's home cooking (homemade blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup for brunch, then pork chops for dinner).

    Have bowling tonight and exercises afterwards. Hope to see a package at the door when I get home (TouchPad). In the meantime, it's back to work!
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    I hope the touchpad's there for you tonight. I don't want to miss you opening that!

    Did my reps.Going for a walk. Pretty nice looking day here.
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    Had another good night of bowling... 203 + 217 + 226 = 646

    Got home and my new TouchPad was waiting patiently at my front door.

    I got home a bit later than usual which didn't allow time for exercises. Spent a few minutes charging up the TouchPad and getting webOS up to the latest version. It was nice that upon signing into my existing webOS account (used for my FrankenPre 2), all info and apps on the phone were downloaded to the TP.

    Tonight, I'm visiting some friends, but will be keeping active. Plan to resume exercises Wednesday night.

    Weighed myself this morning.... gained annother 2 pounds. This seems to be following the same daily pattern as last week, so I'm not concerned at this time. Continuing better eating and more water intake.
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    Cyberpmg, anyone that builds a FrankenPre 2 is going to be able to put a touchpad through it's paces and get out of it what's possible. I'm really glad you bought one. I like how you said you got in late and couldn't exercise, when you were really booting up your touchpad!

    I did my reps, going for my walk. Tomorrow, I'll be posting a before and after photo for the last 2 months. You can wonder if the little reps and the walking I did every day are going to amount to much. Place your bets!

    The big news today is Cyber getting his touchpad. That's pretty cool.
    You plug your phone in?
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    I can't place any bets. I've seen the pics

    Didn't get home until 11pm and only spent about 30 - 45 minutes with the TouchPad before going to bed. Had I have done the exercises, it would probably be around 1am or later when I would have gone to bed (exercises, shower, and time to cool down).

    woosh, you've been doing great work keep up with your exercise routines! Have you started using your prizes from the Fitness Challenge?
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    Happy Hump Day! Not much to report today. Was out with friends yesterday, so I was unable to get my exercises in. Will be doing them tonight. Hope everyone else is keeping up with their fitness goals.
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