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    Hi all,

    first of all, glad that i see more than couple of people in this thread now, thats good.
    From my side, last week was average week in terms of workout! Did 2 training session and 1 cardio (running/walking for 30 min). As usual in the weekend I was baby sitting my kid. But this time, I took him out in the stroller and walked for 40 min on both days. so 5 sessions complete.

    This week I already done 1 training and 1 cardio session! so feeling good. Actually I thought of skipping it today because I have a job interview tomorrow, but somehow I made the decision to hit the gym anyway. After an hour of training session, my wife asked me to walk with her and our son.. so another 40 min of walk. Overall it was a great evening!

    now all ready preparing for my interview tomorrow. wish me luck!

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    Good luck with the interview solaimadhan.

    I'm not sure what's a matter with me. Do my walks no problem. But my reps I've been putting off. I haven't missed a day yet, but I didn't do my reps until 9Pm tonight.

    there's a woot off going on now at woot. Last one they had, I spent three days waiting for a touchpad to come up--it never did.
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    woosh, don't be discouraged about doing your reps until late at night. The fact that you're doing them and not skipping them is awesome!

    solaimadhan, good luck with the interview! I'm sure the extra time spent working out will help to keep you focused and energized.

    Finally got some advice from the doc on getting rid of the lingering symptoms, so hopefully everything will clear up by the end of the week. Keeping my fingers crossed (making typing difficult... LOL! )
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    Maybe I'm back on schedule. did my three reps of 10 pushups,crunches, reverse crunches, supermans and squats this morning. I'm definitely walking next as my brain is full of cobwebs . It been a few not feeling too good days.
    anyway, best of luck to everyone.
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    Cyberpmg glad to hear you're getting into a rythym with your eating. I am still working on curbing my snacking in between meals. Hopefully the doc can get ya fixed up soon too.

    Hope the interview goes well solaimadhan!

    Skipped this morning exercise again. Seems to be my thing on Wednesday. You guys def help me to stay inspired though so def going to make a point to get them done tonight. Hoping for a good day to do a walk tomorrow as the weather here in PA is quite depressing.
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    Got in a 4 mile walk today! Great to see you are all still at it! So much discipline. I am planning on another day tomorrow like today. The weather is perfect for it. I have been too busy with work to do much else, but I think a brisk walk is an achievable goal that I am happy with. All of you are such an encouragement seeing that you keep at it, or if you mess up or do not have a good day you just get back on track.
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    I am ashamed. I lack the discipline. And I blame Daylight Savings Time for screwing me out of early morning sun for early morning runs.

    At least it's warm now, and doing yard work has proven to be something of a workout.

    Must get back on the wagon...
    "'Form follows function' that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."
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    Did my reps now I'm (not ready ) to rake. I'll at least go out and look at the situation o.k.
    I'm going to put an hour into it, or until my body wears out, I just committed to it. I'm going to walk first since I think it's separate- for me, I better keep them separate for now
    I added 'the plank' to my sets of reps this morning. I know it sounds like the past fad, but it's a yoga move I found on youtube. I'll let you know if it does anything.
    You know, I've been offering 6.50 an hour for help with yardwork and have no takers. None. I can't up it anymore.
    I guess if you can get 15 or 20 for cutting a lawn, why work for 6.50. I don't understand it though.
    last three days were good, the reps didn't kill me. Good luck to everyone!
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    Totally didn't feel like doing my reps last night and this morning woke up late (guess my body was telling me something :-) )

    Hopefully getting back to them tonight.
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    Hey all,

    Thanks for all your interview wishes guys! I really appreciate it and I think because of that the interview really went well (I think ) and this morning they gave the offer and asked me when I can start . so thanks to you all...

    Anyway yesterday could not hit the gym because I had terrible headache after the interview (that lasted 1.5 hr!), so came home and relaxed, but as usual took a walk with my wife and son for 45 minutes. I felt much better after that. This afternoon had some not so healthy food! so definitely have to do my 45 min run/walk session.

    @iamtina, good job that you are walking 4 miles. keep going

    @cyberpmg, i am sure you are getting better these days and i am sure that whatever your doc advised will workout for you.

    @woosh, i see that you love to walk, walk , walk and walk. Good that you are also doing regular sit ups and other exercise! Actually after reading your sit ups exercise, I added that in my ab routine. Sit ups are difficult to do
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    Congrats on getting the job solaimadhan!

    I had a minor setback. Apparently the random lingering coughing at work was disturbing others, so I'm back to working from home now. As I open my jaw, I can hear my ears popping. Hope that's a good sign of them finally clearing up!
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    Congrats on the job offer. Thats teriffic man. Amazing. Really.

    I'm not sure how awake i was when I wrote stuff this morning, so I'm just editing it and saying I got up at 6, did my reps, drove a friend to Dr. apt thing, work, cut grass. Pretty successful day. I'm cheating today and counting my grass cutting as walking.Speaking of cheating, this is usually my eatin cheatin day. Pretty good week, no ice cream or junk. I think I've deserved a semi-homemade pizza.
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    Happy Saturday everyone. I have one more set of reps to do, and then I'll be done. I still haven't accepted these and struggle, mentally. Walking's not bad at all, but the reps have been a lot of work lately getting started.
    Yesterday, I mentioned giving a relative a ride to the hospital. They drove up and I was in the back stretched out. And then the plan was for me to drive back.
    I gave up riding in the front seat of the Jeep about a year ago. For some reason, that seat hits me at the perfect spot, bucking vertebrate bone out and messing me up for a few days. It's like a weird ninja move. I couldn't believe 5 minutes in the front seat would mess me up that bad -so I'd keep trying it, and I kept getting the same results so I finally gave up. I tried pillows and all the chair settings- nothing worked. So I gave up trying to drive that Jeep about a year ago. (That's what's keeping me from buying a new used car-I'm worried about the seat. If I could just find something like the 1964 Lincoln Continental seats, that might work!)
    I drove back from the hospital yesterday in the Jeep, about a 40 minute drive. I hurt afterwards, but after resting for an hour, I was able to cut mom's grass. And I was able to do my reps this morning. I know it's from doing my morning exercises and trying to strengthen my core. I've only been doing these, what is it now? 7 weeks? And I get impatient, I get very frustrated being limited, I wish I had more results quicker. The reps have never gotten easy to do. They're always hard, but not impossible, first-day-starting hard. I wish I would just accept having to do them.
    Anyway, the drive back was a success and a big deal and I wanted to tell you.
    If you've been thinking about exercising, or if you were exercising and stopped, and are thinking you should start---this is a really good day to start!
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    Spent seven hours removing by shovel some 75 square feet of grass and top soil for a new flower/shrub bed. Amounted to 15 or so wheelbarrowfulls, thankfully I've got woods in the back to dump it all in.

    In related news: I'm very very sore right now.
    "'Form follows function' that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."
    Frank Lloyd Wright
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    I wonder how you're feeling today, Derek. The day afer's can be rough. That sounds like it's gonna be a pretty nice flower bed. Is this being done at the International WebOS Nation HQ?

    Did my reps and will walk.
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    The day after wasn't too bad. But I was definitely feeling it in my back after doing all of the planting this morning.
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    "'Form follows function' that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."
    Frank Lloyd Wright
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    Good Monday morning to all! I'm feeling much better now... about 98% well. Time to get the exercise routine going again. Since it's been a 3 week gap in exercise, I'm going to restart the cardio program to get back into things. Have bowling tonight and then will do the exercises afterward. The good news is that I'm still loosing weight. Checked my weight on Sunday, and I'm down another 4 pounds.
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    onnnnnnee.......twwwooooo.........threeeee....... Wow, these reps are going slow today.
    I should have signed up for the webOS Nation eating contest instead. The attrition rate for that contest would have been much lower.
    Thanks for the pic of the bed Derek. I was curious about that but didn't want to ask. So, thanks for posting it---no weeds------yet.
    Cyber, you sound great! Yeah, reset the workout and we'll begin again. I'm waiting for delivery on a bulb for my projection tv--its so dark,even with all the lighrs out, it's more like listening to radio. Anyway, as soon as the bulb comes I'.ll try out the active sports. 56 degrees here (on the accuweather app---it actually makes you feel warmer if you set the location to Tampa, Fla.) Anyway, I. Have to cut grass--try anyway. Good luck to everyone today.
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    solaimadhan - congrats on the job offer! And thanks for the support.

    woosh - (onnnnnnee.......twwwooooo.........threeeee....... Wow, these reps are going slow today.
    I should have signed up for the webOS Nation eating contest instead.) That made me laugh.

    Cyberpmg - (The good news is that I'm still loosing weight.) Congrats!

    Derek - Nice garden!

    I managed to get a mile in Saturday. Sunday the wind was blowing 70 mph. I am not exaggerating. Today it snowed. The weather is just ridiculous. I am considering a treadmill, but surely the weather is going to start getting nice soon. I actually would not have minded the snow today too much, and it was not as windy, but I did not get out. So ashamed. Tomorrow (Tuesday) for sure I am going to get in something. Even if it is just a mile and a few minutes at the park throwing the Frisbee for the pups.
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    Thanks for the warm wishes on my recovery! Had a great night at bowling. 224 + 236 + 213 = 673

    Being away from exercising for 3 weeks, I was hesitating and resiting getting back to doing it again. I mentioned in my post yesterday that I would do it after bowling... so that's what I did. I was able to end the current cardio program and start a new cardio kickstart program (4 days a week for 5 weeks).

    Did Day 1 of the kickstart program. Was able to do all exercise routines except for one... reverse crunches. I could pull my legs up, but had no energy to stretch them out and keep them just off the floor. Tonight will be Day 2.

    Started today with a better breakfast. Instead of going through McDonald's and getting an Egg McMuffin, I had a bowl of oatmeal at home (with my large glass of OJ). I've noticed my water intake has dropped, so I will be doing more of that. Have a 20 oz water bottle at work that I can fill with some ice and cold water. I currently drink one bottle at work. Will try to go for 2.
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