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    Alright folks, it's the last week!

    We'll run this a few days into March just to keep the weeks even - and to give you all a little more time to win one of four TouchPad Touchstones and our grand prize of a 32GB TouchPad bundle with a Bluetooth keyboard, folio case, and Touchstone stand!

    PSA out of the way - let's here how things are going for y'all and what you're looking to accomplish this week. WHOOOOOOO!
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    Well, getting over a week of cold symptoms that the whole family got, did get to the gym yesterday for strength and did get cardio in tonight. Also started trying to reduce carb intake and limit what carbs I do consume to "good" carbs.

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    Just trying to do 10 pushups, 10 pullups, and 10 situps a day. 10 minutes of cardio 3xs a week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogzrule View Post
    Just trying to do 10 pushups, 10 pullups, and 10 situps a day. 10 minutes of cardio 3xs a week.
    2 times a week: 72 bicep curls, 24 lat pulls, 72 tricep curls, 72 deltoid raises, 40 leg raises, 40 situps, 48 dumbbell presses...all in the hope I might win a Touchpad, use the same profile on my foreign Pre Plus, and finally be able to buy an app!
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    Go out for a 30 minute walk each day this week.
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    Sticking with the "Insanity" workout. I'm not dropping huge weight but the inches and the muscle tone are improving. Just in time for the girl scout cookies that my wife buys. Ok...I buy some too.
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    Keeping with working out 4-5 times a week, running about 2 miles a day, and starting to add a bit of the upper body to the mix.

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    I hit gym after skipping 2 days. I felt really great. I planned out my new exercise routine and I will start that from the middle of this week. I am sure it will be little tough in the beginning but exercise is all about toughness and body adjustment anyway!

    My goal for this week is to hit 3 strength training sessions and 3 running session (to run 10 miles totally).

    Fitness Activity:
    Feb 1: 55 min of strength training focusing on the upper body and abs.
    Feb 2: 40 min on elliptical (cardio) - Calories Burnt: 372
    Feb 3: 45 Min of strength training (Lower body, back and abs)
    Feb 4 & 5 : Rest day! (could not get out yesterday bcoz of super bowl and also taking care of my son)
    Feb 6: 1 hour of strength training (Upper body and abs)
    FEb 7: 40 Min on elliptical (usual cardio routine) - Calories Burnt: 365
    Feb 8: 1 hour of strength training (Lower body, back and abs)
    Feb 9: 45 Min on elliptical (Cardio) - Calorie burnt: 415
    Feb 10: Just walked for a while (15 min or so)
    Feb 11: Rest day!
    Feb 12: Lazy day!
    Feb 13: 60 min of strength training focusing on the upper body and abs.
    Feb 14: 45 min of running (Cardio) Avg speed: 4mph, calories burnt: 373, Distance: 2.89
    Feb 15: 1 hour of strength training (Lower body, back and abs)
    Feb 16: 40 min of running (Cardio) Avg speed: 3.9mph, calories burnt: 349, Distance: 2.66
    Feb 17: 1 hour of strength training focusing on the upper body and abs.
    Feb 18: Rest Day!
    Feb 19: 35 Min of running (cardio) Avg Speed: 4.1mph, calories burnt: 310, Distance: 2.38 miles
    Feb 20: 1 hour of strength training (Lower body, back and abs)
    Feb 21: 45 Min of running (cardio) Avg Speed: 4.24mph, calories burnt: 410, Distance: 3.18 miles
    Feb 22: 55 Min of strength training focusing on the upper body and abs.
    Feb 23: Day Skipped
    Feb 24: 45 Min of running (cardio) Avg Speed: 4mph, calories burnt: 409, Distance: 3.11 miles
    Feb 25 & 26: Day Skipped
    Feb 27: 1 hour of strength training (Lower body, back and abs)

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    Last night at bowling was awesome! 194 + 243 + 248 = 685

    After getting home from bowling, I continued on my Fast Track Cardio program in EA Sport's Active 2 on my Wii. I've noticed a few exercises with the resistance band doesn't seem to be recognized by the program when I do them. Maybe it's because I'm too tall? (I'm 6' 3") I still go through with that exercise for the required number of reps so that I keep the heart rate going for the whole exercise.

    Reverse crunches have been difficult. The difficult part is holding the legs straight out but just slightly off the floor and holding it there. I guess if it were easy, then there would be no challenge and no gains in the exercise.

    Going to get some walking in tonight after work (large car show in Cleveland) and then on to more exercising after that. (yes... excercising after walking! ) Keep it up everyone!
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    Snow keeps falling with more due midweek to help keep me fit and trim, gives you a great workout shoveling and snowblowing. Eating more veggies & protein and cutting back on amounts. It has been fun and will keep up walking, exercise and snow removal (as needed) plus healthy eating for a lifechange hopefully for ever. So far 5 lbs less and counting.
    Goodluck to all.
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    I am going to stick with my walking routine, plus I am going to add a workout with weights a couple of days this week. Just light weights, 5 to 8 lbs. It has been going pretty good so far. It snowed pretty good yesterday, but otherwise the weather has been great.
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    I guess I have not been starting my weeks on the right day. I started week one on Wed. Feb.1st. and thus my fourth week ends today. Here are my stats so far:

    Week 4 Goals: Cycling x4; Swimming x3.

    Results so far: Cycling x4; Swimming x2.

    Total workout time: 6:05:24

    Starting tomorrow my next week's goals are Cycling x4; Swimming x3.
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    Did my sets of pushups, crunches, supermans, reverse crunches and squats. I'll walk after I get done posting. The sets were really tough today-I didn't think I'd get the 4th set in. But I've hung in there, added a bit over the weeks, and I'm doing to the best of my ability.
    If you're reading the thread for the first time, and have thought you should "start doing something", this is the perfect time. Do something, (Fitness week 1 is a good place to look for ideas), post it and commit to coming back tomorrow and posting.
    Posting everyday has been a great motivator. And of course, I see that touchpad hanging from a string on a stick when I'm walking.
    Hey Cyberpgm- congrats on squeezing exercises in after bowling. It wasn't too long ago that you used to come back from bowling and say "I"m too tired to exercise."
    You plug your phone in?
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    Well, extra time on the basketball court has not materialized. Somehow I'm going to make this happen; I need to start with an earlier bedtime, I suppose. I am getting in at least one game per week, so that's better than nothing, I suppose.
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    Been off for a week from sickness and although yesterday nearly killed me, it felt good to get back to it. I swim/run/calisthenics. M/W/Th/F I swim for about an hour doing intervals/underwaters/dive and retrieves, then I'll run for around 2 miles around the track at my gym. Every other lap(they are small laps) I stop at this one corner and alternate doing pushups, situps, and flutterkicks. I'm hoping to be able to cut back on my work hours by a little bit so I can have enough time to work in some weight trainingas well, but atm I just don't have the time. As far as nutrition, we have been adding healthier options for snacks and meals like fruits, veggies, and whole grains. We are starting to make some of our own stuff to try and avoid eating a simple food that has 40 ingredients on the ingredient list. We are also doing it to try and be able to have certain things but in a healthier way, such as making our own potato chips. This way we can have good tasting chips that aren't bad for you and also avoid having to pay high amounts for things like baked lays. Doing these things is work, but if you push past the initial habit-forming phase then it is just so good.
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    Well, I had a really good month. I ended up losing an additional 4 pounds, which puts me down 10 for the year! Glad to read other inspirations. Thanks to MobileNations for the idea!
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    Trip to the ER for the gf last night put me off of track for exercises this morning. I am still motivated to get more fit so I am not stopping. I am gonna continue my workout tonight.

    Think for this week I am going to start walking and getting off the couch. Also try to be more mindful of what I am eating.
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    I can tell that my endurance is improving--I can last for 5-6 games of basketball now, compared to 3-4 last month. I may be running up against another wall, though--I'm starting to see some swelling in my knees on the day after. I've been strictly playing half-court in order to minimize wear on my knees, but there's only so much I can do when my style of play is to run all over the court. Ah, the joys of middle age!

    Still sticking with the wheat-free diet and 12+ oz of protein for breakfast. I seem to be eating less (though that's subjective).

    Since I don't use a scale, I can't be certain if I'm losing weight, yet, though my jeans feel looser, even straight out of the wash. This is a long-term play for me, so I'm content getting another weight measurement when I see my doctor for my next set of labs in July. We'll see what happened over six months. My wife's on the same diet and working out 2x/week at her gym, and she's lost 6-7 lbs. I hope that I'll do as well as she does, over time, since I tend to be more active and can get in the third workout every week.

    Keep up the hard work, everyone!
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    I had to skip today. Went to bed at 10pm, hours earlier than normal, woke up at noon, right before my first meeting of the day :-S .. But, my gf has now agreed that we need to start doing this together.
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