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    With having traveled the past week or so, I've kept up my workout using the hotels exercise room which surprisingly was very clean and accommodating. Played a few rounds of gold over the weekend too, which is nice to do in Feb.considering golfing in MN/WI in Feb is not really possible.

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    Still plugging along, best I've done in a long while!
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    This final week I will just stick to my routine last week and achieve it again. 50 sit-up, 50 push-up, 100 dumbbell lifting every other day.

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    Mate, God bless you for comming up with this idea, I have been more disciplined than ever before just because of you guys starting this weekly challenge.

    I have hit all goals except of no alcohol, damn! there is always a reason to have a beer here down under !
    This week, no matter what, no booz.
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    Pleased to report I'm down another pound!

    Yesterday, I went to a huge car show after work. Did a ton of walking and carrying an increasingly heavy bag full of brochures from the many different car companies. Stayed on my feet and moving around for a solid 3 hours. Took many pics too.

    By the time I reached the end of the show, I was feeling a twinge in my right achilles tendon. It was just random twinges. Probably was triggered because I was doing all this walking in dress shoes and not walking/running shoes that offer better arch support. Still, my legs and arms got a good workout last night. I decided to skip the exercise and let the legs rest up for tonigh. Didn't want to risk pushing too much and cause an injury.
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    Still early in Week 4, and while it will soon be March, how do ya'll feel about continuing the webOS Nation Fitness Challenge on past this week?

    Can't promise any prizes, except for improved health, stamina, and strength...
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    It might be a good idea to keep a running Fitness thread (or a Fitness section on the site) where we can continue to post on our progress and to encourage and motivate others. This got me started, and I plan to keep going at it.
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    after 10 times out of 15 days days doing successfully what i thought initially may not work out all i can say ..m feeling good........i had quite different goal u may think m crazy...but i was kind of bored of all the gym for a change i thought why not this what i had a goal in the starting was TO BE ABLE TO STAND ON MY HAND UPSIDE DOWN...YES UPSIDE DOWN.......WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT FOR 5 MINTUTES.......and jogging in the intense way for 10 minutes everyday....running part i'll cover later...
    standing upside down is quite a deal FRIENDS U SHOULD TRY THIS ...IT IS FUN ...REALLY FUN...N U FEEL REALLY GOOD.......
    So i started with support of the wall ,first day i could barely balance my self for more than 10secs...
    then i started holding my self as long as possible that was my goal to increase this incrementally
    after little practice...i started balancing my self ..more n more..
    today i was able to hold myself for 2 minutes or a sec or two more than that but ofcourse there was wall behind me...
    So My goal is after 15days ..i should be able to stand on my own without any support --for atleast 3minutes IN TRUE GYMNAST STYLE .. it may b little ambitious compared to the progress m making but still m enjoying my journey...
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    Congrats to kryptonite_2448 and Cyberpmg for the weight loss. I did my sets, and I have to go walk before it starts raining/sleeting/snowing again. It's a nasty day here.
    Glad you could stop in Derek
    I'm all in for continuing this, can we have a touchpad prize every week? You can't really put a price on fitness, but I'll try!
    Maybe we should have an exercise group here, where you could put in starting weight, or whatever's important to you.
    Gotta go before it rains...
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    I like the idea of having a forum for health and fitness. Think a lot of people here have had good results with the community support. Would be nice to keep the momentum going after the fitness challenge.

    For my results today I was able to complete the following:
    30 reverse crunches, 2 sets of 15
    30 regular crunches
    30 pushups
    45 bicycle crunches, 3 sets of 15

    I am hoping to do more sets but having trouble getting extra sets in. Still doing them though just need to stay motivated. I'd like to get out the dumbbells and start incorporating theose into a routine soon too.
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    I'm still holding strong on my new eating habits. Unfortunately, I haven't reached my goal weight, so I haven't started my workout phase just yet. I started at 197, currently 180, and I'm shooting for at least 175. Not too much further to go!
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    I'm continuing doing low carb and walking. I'm down 10 lbs since Feb 1st!
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    I Finally did it. I walked 40 miles in a month! Think I'll go for 45 miles in march
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    Here is my last update of the Mobile Nations fitness month, but not the end of my exercising!

    Since my goal was to increase my long run each week by half a mile, and the last two weeks I bumped it a full mile each week. I decided to keep it steady from last week at 8 miles (I don't want to cause damage by over training/increasing my miles too fast, I have done that before and the knee pain is not fun). I put in my 8 mile run on Monday, and am on pace for three to four runs this week again. I am really enjoying getting back into the running routine and will probably register for one of the half marathons in my area in the first couple weeks of May. From my 8 mile base I should be ready by then.

    Thanks to webOS Nation for being a part of the challenge and pushing its members to go out and exercise!
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    This has been a great challenge. Many thanks to webOS Nation and the rest of the Mobile Nations groups to put this together. You've been able to encourage those who do workout to do that much more. You've inspired people like me to stop a lifestyle of bad eating habits and no exercise into the start of a journey towards better health and fitness. I'm also glad to see that others wish to continue to support and motivate others to get into shape.
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    Did 3 sets and was too tired to do the 4th. Talked to someone on the phone I didn't want to talk to and then got rid of my anger by doing the final set. Thank you, person i don't like!
    My exercise times are gradually getting earlier, which is good. I'm going to walk now.
    I got into some late night eating last night. I can be good all day, eating good, but slightly hungry. Then some nights, it's like I lose my mind and just go crazy. I ate like 3 toasted jelly sandwiches last night. It seemed like a good idea because I had been good all day and after all, I wasn't putting peanut butter on it. Completely insane thinking.
    Lost 1 1/2 pounds in last two weeks. I was expecting something more, but it's a new day and a new start. Alright walking time.
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    woosh, why not stock the fridge with things like carrots, celery, brocolli? Those (without the food dip) are low/no calorie items that will fill up the hunger and burn energy at the same time. Same is true for drinking ice cool water. Your body will use energy to heat up the water to body temperature before processing it, so that's also a good thing.

    Jelly like peanut butter has a lot of sugar in it. It's processed foods (sugar, wheat, etc.) that the body has a hard time handling and gets stored as fat. Look for things that has reduced sugar or natural (unprocessed) sweeteners. Whole grain products can help too.

    I've been getting advice to eat less... but more often. Reduce the time between meals, but also reduce the potions. This would keep the blast furnace (stomach) going and using more energy. I haven't started this yet, but it seems to make sense. It would help to curb any cravings. Something to think about as we continue on our health quests.
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    Well the results are in, stepped on the scale and it appears I have lost 10 Lbs in just the last two weeks! Total of 14 for the month.

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    Forgot to post it yesterday, so here you 2 days of activity. Month of Feb is really another good month with consistent workout. Today I am planning to run outside as weather is really good here. Let me see how the running on the road goes compared to the running in the treadmill!!

    Fitness Activity:
    Feb 1: 55 min of strength training focusing on the upper body and abs.
    Feb 2: 40 min on elliptical (cardio) - Calories Burnt: 372
    Feb 3: 45 Min of strength training (Lower body, back and abs)
    Feb 4 & 5 : Rest day! (could not get out yesterday bcoz of super bowl and also taking care of my son)
    Feb 6: 1 hour of strength training (Upper body and abs)
    FEb 7: 40 Min on elliptical (usual cardio routine) - Calories Burnt: 365
    Feb 8: 1 hour of strength training (Lower body, back and abs)
    Feb 9: 45 Min on elliptical (Cardio) - Calorie burnt: 415
    Feb 10: Just walked for a while (15 min or so)
    Feb 11: Rest day!
    Feb 12: Lazy day!
    Feb 13: 60 min of strength training focusing on the upper body and abs.
    Feb 14: 45 min of running (Cardio) Avg speed: 4mph, calories burnt: 373, Distance: 2.89
    Feb 15: 1 hour of strength training (Lower body, back and abs)
    Feb 16: 40 min of running (Cardio) Avg speed: 3.9mph, calories burnt: 349, Distance: 2.66
    Feb 17: 1 hour of strength training focusing on the upper body and abs.
    Feb 18: Rest Day!
    Feb 19: 35 Min of running (cardio) Avg Speed: 4.1mph, calories burnt: 310, Distance: 2.38 miles
    Feb 20: 1 hour of strength training (Lower body, back and abs)
    Feb 21: 45 Min of running (cardio) Avg Speed: 4.24mph, calories burnt: 410, Distance: 3.18 miles
    Feb 22: 55 Min of strength training focusing on the upper body and abs.
    Feb 23: Day Skipped
    Feb 24: 45 Min of running (cardio) Avg Speed: 4mph, calories burnt: 409, Distance: 3.11 miles
    Feb 25 & 26: Day Skipped
    Feb 27: 1 hour of strength training (Lower body, back and abs)
    Feb 28: 45 Min of running (cardio) Avg Speed: 4.28mph, calories burnt: 425, Distance: 3.21 miles
    Feb 29: 1 hour of strength training focusing on the upper body and abs.

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    I think it has been great to see what different ones are doing to stay/get in shape. Being accountable each week has helped me push a little harder than I would otherwise, so I think it would be great to keep this going. We will see how long we can keep it up. Spring is on the way, so I think it will be easier to do more, since I am more of an outdoor person than working out in a gym. I have, but I get bored if that is all I do.
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