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    Happy Friday everyone!

    I'll admit to some setbacks this week... especially with Valentine's Day. It's now behind me, and I'm finally moving forward. I cleaned up the digital scale (which keeps track and displays weight difference (gained or lost) between each reading) and put in some fresh batteries. I took my weight measurement this morning.... 354.4 lbs.

    Like I mentioned before, I was eating a lot of snacks and junk food with no exercise. I'm eating much better now (could still improve). I purchased the Fitness Appz app from Infinite Appz to get me going on pushups, situps, and squats. Tonight I will be doing the calibration of these three exercises (basically find out how many of each I can do - safely). Then the 6 month program will begin Saturday.

    I expected the weight reading to be up there. I work in front of a computer all day long. I'm 6' 3" tall and have a large frame, so I know a realistic target weight of 250 should be something I should try to acheive. I'll never be skinny, but I'm ok with that. I'm just glad that this has motivated me to finally start doing something about it.

    I used to work out in a gym about 18 years ago and had gotten down to 280, but it stopped when I came down with the chicken pox (yes... a kid's disease... lol). It knocked me out for 2 solid weeks, and then I got too wrapped up with work and never went back.

    I did pick up a Wii fitness program to see if I can use that to get some cardio exercise routine going. Based on my current schedule of work and activities, looks like I need to plan my exercises for the evenings during the week and during the mornings on the weekends.

    President's Day is coming up this Monday, so I have a nice 3 day weekend to get things going.
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    Alright Cyberpmy---you have three days to work out! yeah! LOL
    . Happy Friday. Let's go!
    Did my sets and added some 'reverse crunches' as sit up's hurt me yesterday. I still did them today, but I did them slower. I think I might have rushed through stuff a bit yesterday.

    Ate terrible before bed last night. Honeycomb, coca puffs, and pumpernickle bread. What causes me to go insane like that? Feel terrible this morning.
    will look over metube later today for 'core strengthening' exercises
    You plug your phone in?
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    I continued my run on treadmill again yesterday. As I was expecting someone at home, I could run only for 40 min. My lazy part of the mind slowly started to take the day off but somehow my active part of the mind override that and just made me to go to the gym.

    Update: Forgot to mention that somehow last night I ate nice junk food (could not resist). May be as I eat out once a week or two, I said to myself just go for it

    Fitness Activity:
    Feb 1: 55 min of strength training focusing on the upper body and abs.
    Feb 2: 40 min on elliptical (cardio) - Calories Burnt: 372
    Feb 3: 45 Min of strength training (Lower body, back and abs)
    Feb 4 & 5 : Rest day! (could not get out yesterday bcoz of super bowl and also taking care of my son)
    Feb 6: 1 hour of strength training (Upper body and abs)
    FEb 7: 40 Min on elliptical (usual cardio routine) - Calories Burnt: 365
    Feb 8: 1 hour of strength training (Lower body, back and abs)
    Feb 9: 45 Min on elliptical (Cardio) - Calorie burnt: 415
    Feb 10: Just walked for a while (15 min or so)
    Feb 11: Rest day!
    Feb 12: Lazy day!
    Feb 13: 60 min of strength training focusing on the upper body and abs.
    Feb 14: 45 min of running (Cardio) Avg speed: 4mph, calories burnt: 373, Distance: 2.89
    Feb 15: 1 hour of strength training (Lower body, back and abs)
    Feb 16: 40 min of running (Cardio) Avg speed: 3.9mph, calories burnt: 349, Distance: 2.66

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    Yeah, I think I can finally post on here.

    Week two went well for me. I completed 3 of 3 days exercising for 30+ minutes. Really I am running, with a little walking. My goal was to run for 25 minutes of the 30. I did that on 2 of the three days. Next weeks goal is pretty much the same.
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